“I could finally wean myself off anti-depressants”: Jesse Eisenberg Pleads Filmmakers For Now You See Me 3

Jesse Eisenberg's plea is a cinematic antidote. The actor desires Now You See Me 3 as a potential remedy for personal well-being.

"I could finally wean myself off anti-depressants": Jesse Eisenberg Pleads Filmmakers For Now You See Me 3


  • Jesse Eisenberg urges filmmakers to revive the Now You See Me franchise and create Now You See Me 3.
  • He passionately appeals to scriptwriters to bring back the enigmatic quartet and expresses his anticipation for the continuation of the series.
  • Eisenberg reflects on his unique journey with the franchise and shares insights into his character.
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In the enchanting world of magic, Jesse Eisenberg’s impassioned plea resonates like a spellbinding invocation. He urges filmmakers to revive the allure of Now You See Me 3. The 40-year-old, a maestro, seamlessly meshing magic and charisma in prior chapters, extends an eager magician’s hat, brimming with anticipation.

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Jesse Eisenberg
Jesse Eisenberg

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As he appeals to scriptwriters to conjure the enigmatic quartet once more onto the silver screen, anticipation swells among fans. 

Jesse Eisenberg Implores Filmmakers For The Creation Of Now You See Me 3

Jesse Eisenberg as J. Daniel Atlas in Now You See Me
Jesse Eisenberg as J. Daniel Atlas in Now You See Me

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In the captivating tapestry of cinema’s mystical world, Jesse Eisenberg passionately implores filmmakers to breathe life into the much-anticipated Now You See Me 3.

Eisenberg, renowned for charisma, extends a magician’s cap, brimming with anticipation. During a recent interview with Kristen Maldonado, the artist, reflecting on his return to the franchise, shared insights into his unique journey.


The actor recounted the inception of the first film, where an evolving script prompted a collaborative process, allowing him to shape his character, a confident showman mirroring his real-world stage persona. He said, 

“That’s my favorite thing in the world……. So I was working with these great writers and I said I want to play like this kind of arrogant confident showman because I as an actor. I’m like a very nervous kind of show. I’m a showman but I am nervous and like that wouldn’t be great and so like. I got to play in two movies already like this comfortable self-confident person who’s also a performer like me, and uh it was just amazing. It was like a vacation because I got to feel good about myself all day on set.”

In the interview, Eisenberg’s genuine enthusiasm shines through as he expresses a longing for the continuation of the series. He playfully suggests that a yearly installment could even replace his need for antidepressants, given the joy and confidence he derives from portraying his character. He explained,


“You know like the character is and so when I heard that, making the third one. Please please If they could make one of these a year, I could finally wean myself off anti-depressants because they make me feel so great.”

This earnest plea, akin to a compelling invocation, beckons scriptwriters to craft another chapter rife with intrigue and illusion.

Yet, beneath the surface of Eisenberg’s appeal lies the question: Why this apparent desperation for Now You See Me 3?


What Prompted Jesse Eisenberg’s Desperation To Join Now You See Me 3?

Jesse Eisenberg
Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor

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Eisenberg’s eagerness to engage in Now You See Me 3 is deeply rooted in his profound connection with the character, J. Daniel Atlas.


The award-nominated actor discusses his anticipation for the franchise. In a recent Collider interview, he sheds light on his unique approach to portraying Atlas, a thief and magician.

Eisenberg reveals discomfort with traditional “method acting,” preferring a performative yet genuine connection with his character. He acknowledges that Now You See Me pushes him furthest in feeling the character due to the alignment with his real-life role as a performer. He stated,


“I found that not a lot of actors do or some do it kind of performatively, but in a way that doesn’t feel exactly real. For me, doing those movies, Now You See Me more than anything is like the furthest I go in terms of feeling like the character because I am an actual performer as my job and the character is a performer.”

Despite his love for the films, Eisenberg is drawn to the distinct attitude associated with the franchise and his character, challenging his comfort zone.

Counting down to the third installment, now in pre-production under Ruben Fleischer’s direction, Eisenberg awaits the cinematic resurgence with palpable excitement.


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