“I didn’t mean it”: Blake Lively’s Husband Ryan Reynolds Got Super Uncomfortable With Kissing Zoe Saldana Question, Almost Swore at Kid for Asking it

Blake Lively's Husband Ryan Reynolds Got Super Uncomfortable With Kissing Zoe Saldana Question, Almost Swore at Kid for Asking it
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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have been one of the most wholesome and joyous couples for a very long time. The duo has since been open about their relationship in the sense of how comfortable they are with each other. Both are successful actors and have often done scenes that might be questionable in the eyes of an innocent child.

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

Reynolds, too, faced a similar problem during an interview regarding his work in The Adam Project that almost had him tongue-tied and confused about how he could deal with the situation. Usually, the actor is very sassy and quick with his comebacks, but this particular interviewer and their question made him stop and think about what he could say next.


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Ryan Reynolds Was Speechless When Asked About On-Screen Kisses

During a promotional event for The Adam Project, Ryan Reynolds was surprised when a child picked up the mic to ask a question. The actor was even more flabbergasted when this question was none other than a pinpoint to his kiss with Zoe Saldana in the movie. The kid asked explicitly if the kiss had been real or not. The audience was more than enjoying seeing Reynolds suffer in order to find an appropriate answer for the preteen.

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Reynolds with Zoe Saldana in The Adam Project

“I guess it was kind of real but, how do I answer this?” The actor paused questioning himself. “This is being broadcast everywhere too. I didn’t mean it?”

The actor then elaborated on how he finds it difficult to explain this kind of situation to his children as well. He referred to how disappointed his kids would be when seeing their father kiss on-screen a woman who is not their mother and his wife, Blake Lively. Reynolds then explained how instead of them being angry, they would just emit disappointment. Jokingly, the actor then pointed towards the exit and motioned for the child to leave for putting him in such a position.

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Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Are Always There For Each Other

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have always been open about having each other’s backs. They have also stated multiple times how they would face any danger if it meant protecting their significant other and their loved ones. They have never tried to underexplain their love for each other.

ryan reynolds blake lively
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively at the Met Gala

More so, neither of the two would ever miss out on a chance to mention the other even for the slightest bit. Their love and their support are shown throughout their relationship. Even during Reynolds’ People’s Choice Awards speech, the actor thanked his wife and his children and expressed how much he loves them and is grateful for them.


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