“I didn’t really care”: Christian Bale Left Stunt Actors Concerned After Volunteering to Be Dragged by a Real Water Buffalo for a Scene

Christian Bale Left Stunt Actors Concerned After Volunteering to Be Dragged by a Real Water Buffalo for a Scene
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Christian Bale has done some of the most incredible movies. His talent as an actor is extraordinary beyond a point of comparison. While his method of acting isn’t as appreciated by quite a lot of people, it always leaves an impression on his audience. From Batman to Patrick Bateman, he has proved time and time again that no one can compare his skills.

Christian Bale
Christian Bale

Many would be surprised to know just how far he can go to make sure his fans get to see something that seems more natural. From losing an unhealthy amount of weight to eating maggots, there is no stopping Bale when it comes to pleasing his audience and getting into character. Sometimes he even frightens those around him.

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Christian Bale Got Dragged By A Water Buffalo

While he was filming Rescue Dawn, the actor concurred as to why it was important for him to do his own stunts. Christian Bale thought that oftentimes stunt doubles are used because everyone is trying to be much too safe. This led him to do his own stunt while filming the movie and everyone around him was filled with fear. Everyone except him.

Christian Bale
Christian Bale

“I always push it just to see if they’re being too safe. I always say, ‘No, I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it.’ And I really wait until people have to stand in front of me and shout at me, ‘No, you cannot do it.’ Otherwise, I know that I can and I enjoy that. And the buffalo was nothing; we did that all morning and I didn’t really care.”

One particular scene has him being dragged down by water buffalo. The scene might already become people shiver because of how dangerous it sounds. While he was also advised not to do it, he insisted on doing it anyways. By the end of the stunt, Bale was thoroughly enjoying himself and found it to be an amazing experience.

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The Locals Got Worried About Christian Bale Being Tied Down

Christian Bale remembered his experience while working in the village and he couldn’t get over how concerned the local people had been. They were making their best use of whatever resources they had. So while the actor was using one of their houses to change, these concerned locals came to ask him if he was okay.

Christian Bale in a still from Rescue Dawn

“They would come to me in between takes and ask me why was I letting everybody treat me that way, I should stand up for myself. I shouldn’t let them tie me up to a buffalo and drag me behind it. They were concerned that I was being bullied by the film crew and didn’t understand why I didn’t say no.”

They could not quite understand what was going on and so they were asking him why he was being treated by these people, who just so happened to be the film crew, like that. He was asked about why he was letting them tie him up and be dragged around without saying a word.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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