‘I don’t feel it was a romantic touch’: Tenoch Huerta Says Namor and Shuri aren’t There Yet, Will Take Time To ‘Evolve into a Romantic Relationship’

'I don't feel it was a romantic touch': Tenoch Huerta Says Namor and Shuri aren't There Yet, Will Take Time To 'Evolve into a Romantic Relationship'
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Tenoch Huerta’s debut as Namor in MCU’s Black Panther 2 was one of the many reasons why the film was an absolute banger. And perhaps one of the most crucial moments from the movie that had the audience on the edge of their seats was the final fight that took place between Namor and Shuri. But the rivalry between the two wasn’t the only thing fans seem to have noticed.

Tenoch Huerta and Letitia Wright
Tenoch Huerta and Letitia Wright

Many Marvel fans are under the strong conviction that the king of Talokan and the leader of Wakanda have some sort of chemistry between them that is almost impossible to go unnoticed.

However, the Mexican actor has curbed these suspicions about a romantic spark between his character and that of Letitia Wright, claiming that although there might be a sense of connection between the two, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that of love. And it looks like there’s going to be plenty of time before that ship sails.


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Tenoch Huerta talks about Namor and Shuri’s chemistry

In his recent interview with Rolling Stone, Tenoch Huerta was asked to reflect upon the “romantic chemistry” that many fans believed existed between Namor and Shuri in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. To that, the 41-year-old’s response was quite a profound one, as he claimed that their characters’ cultural history and roots united them to a certain extent. And while that could point to a “human, intimate touch”, it was certainly not a romantic one.

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Tenoch Huerta as Namor

“I don’t feel it was a romantic touch [between them]. I think it was more a human, intimate touch. I mean in the history of their kingdoms, the history of their people, they share the same root, and the threat comes from the same place for both of them, for the same reason. They both face threats from Western countries like the United States and France in the story, because of vibranium, natural resources. I think they connect in that aspect.” 

Huerta remarked how it’s a very “normal” and “human” thing for a relationship to conjure up between two people, regardless of what gender they are. And that is exactly what seems to have happened concerning his character and that of Letitia Wright. But it was definitely unintentional on their part.

Tenoch Huerta doesn’t see Namor and Shuri in a romantic light

Huerta hasn’t clarified anything on the front of whether or not this connection has the potential to develop into something more romantic in the future installments of the Black Panther franchise. But at the same time, he did say “it could happen or not.” So as much as there is a chance of it not taking place, there is just as much possibility of it happening.

However, as far as his personal perspective with regard to the subject goes, The Forever Purge star isn’t very keen on turning this into a romantic relationship, explaining how “it doesn’t need to be romantic to be deep.”


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Tenoch Huerta claims Namor and Shuri have a deep connection

“The beautiful part of this relationship is, it doesn’t need to be romantic to be deep. It doesn’t need to be romantic to be beautiful and bright and intimate. And this connection between a man and a woman in different levels doesn’t need, necessarily, to end in a romantic relationship. And that’s beautiful, you know? Because I hate the romantic love. I think it’s poison. These characters, they create something… I don’t know. It was magical, but not necessarily romantic.”

Clearly, Huerta isn’t a fan of the sappy, romantic love. And that makes it all the more difficult for Marvel fans to see Namor and Shuri in that light. But one can surely hope.
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is out in cinemas.



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