“I don’t know who you are”: John Krasinski Shared Matt Damon’s Most Embarrassing Story That Oscar Winner Wouldn’t Want Anyone to Know

John Krasinski recalled the hilarious story when the store clerk at a wine boutique had no idea about who Matt Damon was.

john krasinski shared matt damon’s most embarrassing story that oscar winner wouldn’t want anyone to know


  • John Krasinski recounted one of Matt Damon's most embarrassing stories, which took place during their visit to a wine boutique.
  • Things only worsened for Damon as he continued to try to prove himself to the guy at the counter, who wouldn't sell the wine to the actor without the ID
  • Matt Damon and John Krasinski's friendship started on an awkward note, after Damon joked about kissing Emily Blunt
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While things might not have started on a high note between the two when they first met in The Adjustment Bureau, John Krasinski and Matt Damon did go on to become great friends after that. And since then, hanging out and drinking with the Jason Bourne Star is pretty common for Krasinski, as he and Emily Blunt often join Damon and his wife Luciana on double dates.


Following his bond with the actor for the past 12 years, Krasinski has witnessed Damon at his highest of highs and lowest of lows, and the actor had some embarrassing stories to share about his friend.

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Matt Damon and John Krasinski
Matt Damon and John Krasinski

John Krasinski Recalled the Time When Matt Damon Embarrassed Himself in Front of a Store Clerk

Recalling one of Matt Damon‘s most embarrassing stories, John Krasinski revealed during one of their visits to a wine boutique in New York, the store clerk refused to accept Damon’s card. Even though The Martian Star was a regular there, considering he didn’t have his ID on him, the store clerk refused to accept his credit card. This resulted in Damon slowly taking his hat off, but the clerk still didn’t recognize the actor, which led to Krasinski feeling vicarious embarrassment. In an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he recounted the hilarious incident, stating,

“He bought like a case of wine or something for a bunch of people, and he didn’t have his ID on him. So he gives this credit card and the guy was like, ‘No… You don’t have your ID’. So Matt slowly takes his hat off and he is like, ‘I’m, I’m who is on the card’. And the whole time I’m like, ‘this is so embarrassing’, and the guy is like, ‘I don’t know who you are’.”

Unfortunately, his embarrassing story doesn’t end here, as the hilarious tale continues after an enraged Damon goes back to his apartment to get something to show to the guy. After snooping through his belongings, The Martian Star was able to find a GQ article about him and a DVD of the 2003 comedy Stuck on You, as he then took the former to the store clerk. And once again to his embarrassment, the guy at the counter didn’t bother. But he did recognize Krasinski for his role in The Office.

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Matt Damon in and as Jason Bourne
Matt Damon

Matt Damon’s Jokes Led to an Awkward Starting Point for Their Bond

While it was John Krasinski, who was enjoying laughs during their visit to the wine boutique, during his first encounter with Damon, things were far from jolly for The Office Star. Following the actor’s kissing scene with Krasinski’s wife Emily Blunt on The Adjustment Bureau, Damon’s attempt to kickstart a conversation with the Marvel Star by joking about it led to some awkward circumstances. He told Conan:

“Matt Damon came up and was just trying to make a joke, and instead he goes ‘Hey, nice to meet you, I was just totally tonguing your girl’.” 

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Emily Blunt and Matt Damon in The Adjustment Bureau
Emily Blunt and Matt Damon in The Adjustment Bureau

The Jason Bourne Star did go on to smooth things up, as he was quick to apologize for his awkward joke, and the later years witnessed him and John Krasinski becoming close friends.







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