“I don’t think I ever will again”: Charlize Theron Reveals She Will Never Work With Tom Hardy After Mad Max: Fury Road, Claims She Was Traumatized On Set and Begged to Stop Frequent Fightings

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When Charlize Theron said she wanted something “challenging” in her career, she didn’t mean something so dreadful that it ends up leaving such a bitter imprint on her memory.


The Academy Award-winning actress recently spoke about her awful experience while working opposite Tom Hardy in the action/adventure film, Mad Max: Fury Road, and how after a point of time she’d grown unspeakably exhausted with the incessant disagreements and fights that used to occur between her and her co-star.

Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron

In fact, the Atomic Blonde actress had such an appallingly “tough” time during the production of the George Miller-helmed film, all due to her co-star, that she is certain she would never work with the Venom actor ever again.


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Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy Fought A Lot During Mad Max: Fury Road

Charlize Theron, who starred as the formidable Imperator Furiosa in George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road, revealed how production was an absolute nightmare due to the constant falling-outs she had with her co-star, Tom Hardy, which ultimately led to Theron having a “f**king tough” time working on the set. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, The Italian Job star recalled her sordid experience as she claimed she’d never do it again.

During one point, Hardy, who played Max Rockatansky in the 2015 movie, had gotten so “disrespectful” toward Theron that she was left with no other choice but to urge the film’s producer Denise Di Novi to be present on the set to make sure that no such conflicts were set ablaze between her and the English actor in the future.


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Mad Max: Fury Road
Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

One of the world’s highest paid actresses, Theron then admitted that she would never want to have another such experience that required her to suffer so much.

“Listen, I know, I said, ‘Oh, as an actor, you want to be challenged,’ but you don’t want it to be that bad. It was a long, long shoot. I have never done anything that needed that kind of endurance, and I don’t think I ever will [again]. I don’t know what production on the prequel was like, but I want to believe it was less.” 

And though Mad Max: Fury Road was an easy blockbuster success, it looks like Theron paid one hell of a price behind the scenes with her emotional well-being.


Charlize Theron Believes Actors Shouldn’t Have to Suffer for Success 

While recalling all the things she had to put up with while Mad Max: Fury Road was being shot, Theron, 47, remarked how she didn’t like pointing such things out because she doesn’t want “young actors” looking up to her to think that “sacrifice or trauma” is a compulsion of any sort with regard to any project.

“And I hate saying this because I don’t ever want to encourage young actors or storytellers to believe that they need trauma or sacrifice because I really, really don’t believe you do, but there’s a little bit about the circumstances around that movie that I think gave it the magic. It doesn’t mean it has to always be that, but I do think somehow the lightning in a bottle that you’re always trying to catch happened on that movie. But, man, it was f–king tough.” 

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A scene from Mad Max: Fury Road
Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa

At the same time though, the Hancock star admitted that she “never really appreciated or respected George Miller’s vision” until she had the final product in front of her eyes, which as it happens, changed her perspective entirely.


“And so,” she said, “It’s the one movie where I go, ‘If I had another opportunity, I’d get a little bit more of what he tried to do in the first one.'”

Mad Max: Fury Road can be streamed on HBO Max.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter 


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