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‘Now she’s gonna say she can’t play chess’: Mad Max Prequel ‘Furiosa’ Star Anya Taylor-Joy Reveals She Got the Part Despite Not Knowing How To Drive – “I can’t parallel park”

'Now she's gonna say she can't play chess': Mad Max Prequel 'Furiosa' Star Anya Taylor-Joy Reveals She Got the Part Despite Not Knowing How To Drive - "I can't parallel park

Looks like Imperator Furiosa doesn’t know how to drive in real life. Anya Taylor-Joy, the talented award-winning actress, who is set to star in the upcoming prequel of the famous 2015 action/adventure film, Mad Max: Fury Road, recently revealed that she is actually not accustomed to driving behind the screens, despite playing the character of Furiosa in the movie, who is known for her risky driving beside her combat skills.

Anya Taylor-Joy
Anya Taylor-Joy

The Queen’s Gambit star admitted that even though she doesn’t have a driving license in real life, she still took up the task of her stunt driving and did it by herself in the film. Apparently, it seems to have gone quite well considering how she is planning on getting her “stunt driver’s certificate” soon, and that too probably before getting a normal driver’s license. Hopefully, she’ll pass the tests with flying colors.

Furiosa Star Anya Taylor-Joy Doesn’t Have A Driving License

Speaking with IndieWire about her work in the upcoming Mad Max prequel, Furiosa, Anya Taylor-Joy revealed how despite playing the titular protagonist of Imperator Furiosa in the movie, she actually doesn’t even know how to drive, let alone parallel park! However, that certainly didn’t deter The Witch actress from performing her own stunts in the movie.

“I don’t actually have a license, so I can’t drive. I can’t on a highway, I can’t parallel park, but if you need me to do a juicy 180 in a truck, I can do that and not hit the camera people, which is great.” 

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Anya Taylor-Joy did her own driving stunts in Furiosa
Anya Taylor-Joy did her own driving stunts in Furiosa

Rest assured though, the Primetime Emmy nominee and Golden Globe award-winning actress will soon “be in a place long enough to get a driver’s license” which will make her “really happy.” But besides that, she is also planning on being a certified stunt driver.

“That’s the other thing, if a driving instructor gets in a car with me, all I know how to do is crazy stunt driving. I’m planning on getting my stunt driver’s certificate…so then I’ll be able to do all of my driving in all films, which would be great. But I fear for the poor man or woman that is taking the test with me, because gentle, I am not.” 

Let’s pray for the driving instructor who will someday be witnessing Taylor-Joy’s…adventurous driving.

Fans Joke About Anya Taylor-Joy’s Driving Skills…or Lack Thereof

The fact that Anya Taylor-Joy is going to be stepping into Charlize Theron’s shoes to portray the unparalleled soldier Furiosa without knowing a rather key (and extremely basic too, at that) skill like driving, is certainly amusing. Fans on Twitter are finding this quite hilarious and even seem to be having a good laugh or two about the same.

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One user even made a witty remark about how Taylor-Joy will soon come to admit that she isn’t aware of how to play chess either, a joke in reference to her role as Beth Harmon in the historical drama series, The Queen’s Gambit. 

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While she may not know how to drive, given her talented acting and skills, she’s sure to have played the part perfectly. The Split star mentioned being proud about the same too as she talked about her time in Australia while filming Furiosa.

Furiosa will premiere on May 24, 2024.

Source: Culture Crave via Twitter

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