“I feel like I’m gonna die”: Jennifer Lawrence Burst into Tears in Viral Interview, Violently Threw up after it Ended

Jennifer Lawrence's iconic interview with 'Hot Ones' left her so distraught that the actress was left throwing up after the cameras turned off.

"I feel like I'm gonna die": Jennifer Lawrence Burst into Tears in Viral Interview, Violently Threw up after it Ended


  • Jennifer Lawrence's appearance on 'The Hot Ones' was extremely iconic, that not only did fans get meme-worthy content, but also saw the actress test her spice tolerance.
  • What they did not expect was this interview to go sideways when the actress got physically ill.
  • During a recent appearance, Lawrence confessed that after being on the show, she violently threw up.
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Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most well-known and beloved actresses in Hollywood. On top of being extremely talented, having been nominated for an Oscar multiple times, and being a part of many critically acclaimed projects, she has made a name for herself through her out-of-pocket, hilarious personality. The actress is known for being very candid about her life experiences, giving herself, a sort of relatable feeling that makes her one of the most beloved celebrities on the internet.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence in Passengers

This is why fans were more than a little excited when it was announced that she would appear on The Hot Ones. What they did not expect was the interview to go sideways to the point that the actress got physically ill. During a recent interview appearance, Lawrence confessed that after being on the show, she violently threw up.

Jennifer Lawrence And Her Appearance On The Hot Ones

The Hot Ones is an iconic game show with a unique concept. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood are invited to join the host, Sean Evans, as they go through eating a bunch of different chicken wings. The catch is that each of those wings gets spicier and spicier, and by the end of it, the guests are usually left with near-death experiences. The premise is excellent, as during this, the celebrities are to answer a series of questions that are carefully curated after deep background research.

Jennifer Lawrence- Mother!
Jennifer Lawrence- Mother!

“Nothing helps!” said Lawrence, “I feel like I’m gonna die. Have you ever had anybody act like this?”

Jennifer Lawrence recently made an appearance on the show and her episode became extremely viral. Not only because it created an iconic meme but also because of the actress’s reactions to the spice. Lawrence seems to have a very low spice tolerance, as, by the end of it, she felt as though her mouth was actually on fire. It would seem, that the effects of the spice do not end there.

Jennifer Lawrence Could Not Handle The Heat

Jennifer Lawrence gave an interview with Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, where she talked about the iconic moment. The actress stated that the spice and effect that it had on her did not end after she was done with the interview. The filming was done in the hotel where she was staying, so after the cameras were turned off, the actress rushed upstairs to her room.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence in Mother

“I passionately threw up after. Violently,” said Lawrence, “I made it upstairs to my suite. My holding suite,” She added, “We shot at the Four Seasons downstairs. My stomach gave me, like, eight minutes to get upstairs and then she… She… [vomited].”

It would seem, that she barely made it, as the moment she entered her room, she threw up. Lawrence described it to be violent and passionate, expressing as though it was one of the most awful experiences of her life. What made this all the more worse was that she had an entire day of interviews for the promotion of her, then-recently released film, No Hard Feelings.


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