“I feel really sorry for him”: The Witcher Star is Upset With the Hate Liam Hemsworth Has Been Getting For Replacing Henry Cavill

Well, at least someone is rooting for Liam Hemsworth as the new Geralt of Rivia.

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  • Freya Allan is urging fans to give Liam Hemsworth a chance as the new Geralt of Rivia in 'The Witcher' series.
  • She empathized with the pressure he faces stepping into Henry Cavill's shoes and highlighted Hemsworth's dedication to the role.
  • Recent leaked set images from "The Witcher" season 4 featuring Liam Hemsworth's stuntman in costume as Geralt of Rivia have sparked backlash among fans, raising concerns about the direction of the series with the new lead.
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Up until 2023, The Witcher was one of the best book-based storylines ever transformed into a live-action series, and one of the biggest reasons behind its tremendous success was Henry Cavill’s effortless performance as the Geralt of Rivia. But then Cavill was replaced, with Liam Hemsworth becoming the new protagonist of the lore — though not without earning much backlash from fans.

The Witcher.
The Witcher.

That being said, one of the actors from the saga, Freya Allan, seems to be quite bothered with the hate Hemsworth has been getting ever since he was announced to be the new White Wolf, even though he hasn’t even performed as the character yet. But while she continues to campaign hard for him, the latest leaked set images of the series have garnered further backlash from fans.

Freya Allan Wants Fans to Give Liam Hemsworth a Chance as The Witcher

When one actor fits perfectly into a role, it’s only obvious that the viewers don’t want him to change. The same is the case with The Witcher, judging from how Henry Cavill‘s breathtaking portrayal of the Geralt of Rivia is stopping fans from even considering someone else could nail the role as well.

Henry Cavill as the Geralt of Rivia.
Henry Cavill as the Geralt of Rivia in the series.

However, Freya Allan, who plays the iconic role of the Princess Cirilla of Cintra (aka Ciri), wants fans to reconsider their choices and decisions. If anything, she wants them to at least “give him the time of day,” highlighting all the efforts the youngest Hemsworth brother is putting into the role.

In a recent interview with Collider for Collider Ladies Night, she said:

“I feel sorry for him, honestly, because, number one, that fan base can be very attack-y, and it’s not an ideal situation to be in taking up someone else’s role.”

Freya Allan as Ciri.
Freya Allan as Ciri in the series.

Allan further highlighted how Liam Hemsworth is really, really trying to give it his all to get on the fanbase’s good side.


“I don’t want to speak for him, but from what I’ve understood, I feel like he’s really wanting to try and bring the heart. He’s been training.”

That being said, even though she has had limited experience with Hemsworth, the actress is still rooting for him as the new White Wolf.

“I’m really excited to see what he does,” admitted Allan. “And he’s such a lovely guy. I just hope that people give him the time of day, you know?”

Liam Hemsworth in a still from The Hunger Games lore.
Liam Hemsworth in a still from The Hunger Games.

But while Allan backing up her co-star is indeed a swoon-worthy situation, it seems like things aren’t exactly going the way she wants them to. In fact, if anything, the most recent leaked images from the fourth season of the superhit show are spelling disaster for this project among fans.

Meanwhile, Liam Hemsworth’s Stuntman’s Leaked Photos Aren’t Looking Too Good

Recently, Redanian Intelligence shared a few set pictures from where season 4 of The Witcher has started filming. One of these was the image of Joel Adrian, Hollywood’s renowned stuntman, in full costume as the Geralt of Rivia, since he is the stunt double of Hemsworth’s character.

Joel Adrian in the leaked set images. | Credit: Redanian Intelligence.
Joel Adrian in the leaked set images. | Credit: Redanian Intelligence.

As can be seen in the image, Adrian is inevitably wearing the same clothes as well as the wig that The Hunger Games actor would be sporting as the new White Wolf in the upcoming fourth season of the series. However, fans aren’t too happy with this news.

In fact, these sneak peeks from the sets have further made them disappointed with the studios’ choice on how they wish to continue the superhit series. If anything, fans have the most hilariously sarcastic of reactions to these latest updates.

For instance, here’s what they’re saying on X:





Well, needless to say, things aren’t looking that good for Liam Hemsworth, as of now. However, there’s also the tremendous chance that Hemsworth ends up leaving everyone star-struck with his performance as the saga’s new lead, so we might as well give him a chance.

Since the release date of The Witcher season 4 is yet to be announced, you can stream the previous three seasons of the series starring Cavill in the lead on Netflix.


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