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“I got a show because of him”: Sebastian Stan ‘Hates’ Tom Holland For His Return In Anthony Mackie’s MCU Show

Sebastian Stan 'Hates' Tom Holland For His Return In Anthony Mackie's MCU Show

Even though it has become a juggernaut of the cinematic world, no one would’ve guessed that the MCU would become so vast in such a relatively short period. And thanks to this rapid expansion of the franchise, stars like Tom Holland along with many from the new generation of Hollywood got a stage they could shine on and show the world what they’re capable of.

Tom Holland
Tom Holland

And not just in the world of big-budget Hollywood films, the franchise has also expanded itself into the world of small-screen series with Disney+ exclusive TV shows that connect to the wider narrative of the MCU. But even with more opportunities and demand, it seems like some are not too happy about it, especially when the only reason they got to be part of one was because of someone else.

Sebastian Stan Hates That He Got MCU TV Show Because Of Tom Holland

Sebastian Stan and Tom Holland
Sebastian Stan and Tom Holland

Whether someone may agree with it or not, the film industry has slowly shifted itself to resemble the Marvel Cinematic Universe due to the fan following and huge blockbuster numbers that the cinematic universe rakes in. And due to its popularity, it has also become a springboard for upcoming stars to make a name for themselves, most notable of them all in the recent past being Tom Holland, who plays the role of the very popular Spider-Man in the franchise.

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And with the addition of new characters and stars in the franchise, the door of opportunities gets wider, which leads to more stories being told as the franchise expands. In this expansion, the MCU has also delved into the small-screen entertainment space, where it has given the audience some of the best shows that connect to the wider narrative, like Falcon and The Winter Soldier which stars Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan. But it seems like Stan may be a little envious of Holland, as he believes that the Wolf Hall star is the reason that the show exists. In a past interview, he said:

“Basically, Anthony and I got a show because of Tom Holland, I guess that’s, like, what I’m realizing now as I’m talking, which is something I’d really hate for him to know — Tom, that is, not Anthony.”

While many may feel that this is not the case for the show’s existence, it’s important to remember that during the events of Captain America: Civil War, the team-up of Barnes and Wilson happened in the absence of Steve Rogers while facing off Spider-Man, which developed their bond for the upcoming show.

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What’s Next For The Falcon And The Winter Soldier?

Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan as The Falcon and The Winter Soldier in the MCU
Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan as The Falcon and The Winter Soldier in the MCU

With the successful first season of their show, Mackie and Stan are all set to return to the big as well as the small screens of the MCU. Seeing as all the Disney+ exclusives are connected to the current and future phases of the cinematic universe, we may see Sam Wilson making an appearance in the upcoming Armor Wars as the new Captain America while Bucky Barnes will be alongside him in the upcoming Captain America: New World Order.

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Falcon and The Winter Soldier, streaming on Disney+.

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