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‘I had to beg and plead with them’: Stranger Things Star Sadie Sink Reveals She Was Deemed Too Old For The Role, Had To Beg For More Material

Sadie Sink, who plays Max Mayfield in the Netflix series Stranger Things, has admitted that, because of her age, she had to grovel and win over the casting directors to get the part. She claimed that the directors had stated that because she was 14 years old and the character was younger, she was “too old” and therefore wouldn’t fit well in the role of a child (although she was older than the character by only a year).

Stranger Things 3 Poster
Stranger Things 3 Poster

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Max Mayfield In Stranger Things

One of the main characters in Stranger Things is Max Mayfield, who made her debut in season 2 under the name Madmax. Despite the fact that she arrived a little later than the others, the boys, who were still mourning the apparent death of Eleven in the first season, accepted her right away.

However, Finn Wolfhard’s character, Mike Wheeler, required a little more time than others to warm up to her due to Eleven, but he too became good friends with her. By the end of the third season, Eleven and Max had become best friends as well.

Max Mayfield And Eleven Hopper
Max Mayfield And Eleven Hopper

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Portrayed as the “cool girl” with a skateboard, a devil-may-care attitude, and a sharp mind, Max Mayfield happens to be one of the most interesting characters in the show.

Sadie Sink’s Love For Max Mayfield

Actress Sadie Sink plays the character of Max Mayfield. According to fans, she fits the character so well that it almost feels like she was made for it.

Apart from being an incredibly talented young actress, Sadie Sink possesses the passion of a mad woman. In an interview with Fashion, the young actress went on to express how hard it was for her to land the role of Max Mayfield.

Sadie Sink As Max Mayfield In Stranger Things
Sadie Sink As Max Mayfield In Stranger Things

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Apparently, the casting directors were very skeptical when she auditioned for the role since she looked older than what they wanted the character to look, even though Sadie Sink was only older than Max Mayfield by a year at the time.

Actress Sadie Sink
Actress Sadie Sink

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Although hesitant at first, the casting directors were then begged and pleaded with by Sadie Sink, who felt a deep connection to the character, to “give her more material” so she could prove that she was made to play Max Mayfield.

“I just begged and pleaded with them to give me more material, so I could show them something fresh.”

It’s almost obvious that whatever Sadie Sink saw in herself regarding Max Mayfield was absolutely spot on because the casting directors saw it as well and cast her for the show the next day!

Stranger Things 4 is now currently streaming on Netflix.


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