“I have now seen you naked”: Sandra Bullock’s Uncomfortable Interview With Matt Lauer Aged Like Milk After Starring With Ryan Reynolds

Matt Lauer made some condescending and sexist remarks towards Sandra Bullock, making her uncomfortable

sandra bullock’s uncomfortable interview with matt lauer aged like milk after starring with ryan reynolds


  • Sandra Bullock is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, making her mark across genres
  • The actress, after the movie The Proposal, went on an interview on Today's Show with Matt Lauer
  • The interviewer made obscene remarks about the actress over a n-de scene in the movie
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The life of an A-List Hollywood star is filled with lights, flashing cameras, and public appearances, which means facing the world head-on with all sorts of things and people to deal with. Sandra Bullock, being one of the premier stars of the industry, has made several appearances, but her interview with Matt Lauer was something that’s remembered by many, and not in a good way.

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock

This infamous interview, which took place in 2009, was to discuss her then-released film The Proposal with Ryan Reynolds. Here, Lauer made the discussion overly focused on her n*de scene from the film. On top of that, the host made many uncomfortable comments that would not be tolerated today at any cost.

Matt Lauer Made Some Very Demeaning Comments About Sandra Bullock’s Role In The Proposal

Sandra Bullock in a still from The Proposal
Sandra Bullock in a still from The Proposal

Being a star means being in the public eye for the majority of the time, which also happens to mean dealing with people of all sorts on the daily. While most will just be there to support and enjoy the company, Sandra Bullock learned the hard way that some people are just too disrespectful to care about them.


This particular incident happened with Matt Lauer, the former host of NBC’s Today Show when he decided to exploit the star’s n*de scene in The Proposal.

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The interview started normally enough with the greetings, but as soon as they started talking about the film, Lauer turned the direction of the conversation to the infamous n*de scene from the film where she was in her birthday suit with her co-star Ryan Reynolds. The host went on to talk about how he loved that particular scene the most in the film.


He even made remarks about how her photo from that scene was his phone’s screensaver, and the Bird Box actress was visibly distressed. He said:

“The major thing that’s changed since you were here last — I have now seen you n-ked,”

Despite Bullock giving out visible cues for him to drop the topic, Lauer stayed on it, even referencing it during unrelated conversations about different aspects of the movie. Even in 2009, people were visibly uncomfortable with this interview. Years later, many different women came out with allegations of Lauer of s*xual harassment and misconduct.

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What Was The Proposal About?

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock in a still from The Proposal
Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock in a still from The Proposal

While the n-de scene was indeed infamous, the film was far from being an erotica. The actress herself said that if it wasn’t a scene done for comedy, then she would never agree to a n*de scene.

The Proposal is a Romance/Comedy film that follows the tale of Margaret Tate, the executive of a big publishing company who is on the verge of being deported after her US Visa renewal application was denied. Thus, to safeguard her job, she convinces her assistant to act as her fiancé for the time being so that she won’t be deported back to Canada.

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The Proposal, streaming on Direct TV.

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