“I hope you’re okay with your heart being broken over and over again”: The Last of Us Showrunner Craig Mazin Confirms HBO Adaptation Will Stay True to the Original Game By Neil Druckmann

The Last Of Us HBO adaptation will stay true to the original game.
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Those of you who have played the very popular PlayStation game, The Last Of Us might have become a melancholic memory that you always want to return to after a long while. With the gripping storyline, the deep and engaging relationship dynamic, and a familiar premise with lots of nuances, the game was quick to gain the commercial and critical success that it is now known for. But more than the gameplay, it was the story that hit the audiences the hardest, in a good way, of course.

Joel Miller with his daughter in Last of Us

Seeing the massive popularity of the game, both avid gamers as well as enthusiasts of cinema and literature, HBO was quick to take on the initiative of making a dream come true. With the announcement of HBO creating a live-action adaptation of the game, fans went crazy with excitement, desperately holding on to their last bits of patience. But it seems like the hype train has just begun, as Craig Mazin reveals what the fans can expect from the upcoming series.

The Last Of Us Will Retain Scenes From The Game

Bella Ramsey (left) and Pedro Pascal (right) in The Last of Us.
Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal in The Last of Us

With the announcement of the project and the first trailer now being out, HBO has pulled no punches in hyping the fans for the upcoming series. The Las Of Us will be a live-action adaptation of 2013’s critically acclaimed PlayStation game of the same name and will explore both told and untold stories of the journey that the protagonists of the show will take to save the world from humanity’s collapse.


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But as with any other live-action adaptation of any form of media, this series too has its fair share of skeptics. Rabid fans of the game series are wary of the project due to the infamous tendencies of these projects to repeatedly cut out scenes and/or content that doesn’t sit well in the production pipeline, which ruins the originality for both old fans and new. But it seems like these concerns have reached the ears of screenwriter Craig Mazin, who is the mind behind the screenplay of The Last of Us. Recently, he revealed that the upcoming show would be true to the game, while also providing something new for the audiences to see. He said:

“I hope you’re OK with your heart being broken over and over again…it’s all there with what Neil Druckmann created in the game.”

This news might prove to be a relief for the diehard fans of the game series as now they can look forward to the adaptation with waited breaths.


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What Is The Last Of Us?

Last of Us
A still from The Last of Us

The original game was based around the aftermath of a virus outbreak that tended to corrupt human minds and instills violent and animalistic urges to attack anything that creates a sound. This, in turn, leads humanity to huddle in preservation camps to save themselves in a last-ditch effort from the people who have been affected by the virus and mutated into grotesque organisms called Clickers. Amidst all of this, Joel Miller is tasked with escorting a girl to a medical facility who is immune to the virus, giving humanity hope for a cure.

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The Last Of Us, premiers on HBO and HBO Max from January 2023.

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