“I would do anything to save him”: Troy Baker Defends Pedro Pascal’s Joel For His Controversial Action in The Last of Us as HBO Adaptation Premieres in January

Troy Baker Defends Pedro Pascal’s Joel For His Controversial Action in The Last of Us as HBO Adaptation
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Last of Us – Part 1 is one of the most famous games and has been getting fans obsessed with the gameplay and storyline one after the other. Now with the HBO Max show of the game almost about to air, the original voice actor of Joel Miller has spoken up about how it was initially difficult for him to relate to his character.

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Specifically the end, due to the controversial decision that he was forced to make and how it took the actor a long time to understand it from the perspective of the game’s writer. Especially due to his not understanding what Joel might have been going through at that moment.

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Troy Baker Stepped Into Last Of Us’ Joel Miller’s Shoes

In an interview, Troy Baker revealed that it had taken him a while to understand Joel Miller’s decisions and how his mind worked. To him, initially, Joel had just been a character whom he was to voice. Leading to his decision at the finale of Last of Us – Part 1 to be rather confusing to him and even more so to other fans. This even led to him not being able to understand as to why writer and creative director Neil Druckmann would make such a decision.

Joel Miller with his daughter in Last of Us

“But I do know that if I had the opportunity to save him I would do anything. I would do anything to save him. So people have asked me, why would Joel do that when he could have saved the world, and my answer to them is always this — he did, he did save the world. It’s just that the world was that girl, and that’s it.”

This, however, changed throughout his course as the character. The decision in question was for Joel to either have an opportunity to save the human race, but to do so, he would have to sacrifice his daughter. He chose not to do that, saving his daughter in return.

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Troy Baker Expressed His Wish To Play Daredevil

Troy Baker has previously mentioned multiple times as to how much he loves Daredevil and would absolutely love to play the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen in a game if given the opportunity. He even excitedly explained how he got the opportunity to talk to Charlie Cox, whose acting as the character blew a lot of minds.

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“What does that game look like when I can do something that the character can’t? That is what really intrigues me about making that game, and it would be a big challenge for me as an actor, to be able to play someone who was not sighted.”

He further elaborated as to how his favorite comic book characters were both Batman and Daredevil, and he already got the opportunity to play the former, leaving him to await a chance to play the latter.

Last of Us will premiere on HBO Max in January 2023.


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