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“I Just Marvel at Them” – Winona Ryder Reveals How Stranger Things Kids Inspired Her to Be a Better Actor

Winona Ryder Reveals How Stranger Things Kids Inspired Her to Be a Better Actor

The Stranger Things returned since the hit Netflix drama first debuted on the streamer, and all the characters are growing up. Following the premiere of Season 4, Stranger Things headlines Winona Ryder and David Harbour.

Winona Ryder with Stranger Things cast
Winona Ryder with Stranger Things cast

She talked about watching their young get up into their own for this season’s darker twist. Winona Ryder told The Hollywood Reporter:

“We’ve obviously been working with them for 8 years now, most of them, but I just marvel at them.”

“They’re grounded. They’re so, so talented.”

Stranger Thing’s Winona Ryder Gushes About Working With the ‘Grounded’ Younger Cast of the Show

Winona Ryder and Noah Schnapp
Winona Ryder and Noah Schnapp

Ryder also continued watching the team digging deeper into the more enhanced “Upside Down” journey. Ryder continued:

“I have very, very mixed feelings about children in the industry. I was one and I am just exceedingly proud of the kids that they are, and they’ve become.”

“I remember saying to them, ‘The work is the reward. You’re doing it for this moment when we’re in the scene.’ And they got that right away, and they can remind me of that now sometimes when things can seem a bit overwhelming.”

She added more statements:

“There is a purity to kids that age, and there’s a real specialness there. These kids, in particular, just floor me at how kind and thoughtful and incredible they are.”

Stranger Things Season 4 David Harbour
Stranger Things Season 4 David Harbour

During the first Stranger Things debut, the kids were just 11 or 12 years old and now they have hit their early teens and early 20s, with a few of them starting college. In Season 4, most of the main cast is still living in Hawkins, aside from Winona Ryder’s Joyce, Eleven, Will, and Jonathan, who shifted to California. We can also see Jim Hopper, who’s being carried as a captive in Russia. The latest season marks the show’s ensemble characters separated from each other, but no character is more lonely than Hopper. Harbour told THR:

“It was a very lonely season in a certain way, so it’s not my favorite to do, but it was an interesting change.”

“We’ve done a lot of stuff together. It’s hard with television because it’s like Gilligan’s Island, right? The model is that you always want to tune in so you can watch them get off the island. Or Friends, you always want to see them in the coffee shop because they’re your friends.”

Harbour also explained that it’s very different this time around, allowing the characters to “peel the onion back,” which is something he was fascinated to explore with Hopper in Season 4.

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Written by Shreeparna Das