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“I know how good she was”: Brendan Fraser Was Heartbroken After Batgirl Cancellation, Cursed WB for Depriving Little Girls of Leslie Grace’s Latin-American Representation

“I know how good she was”: Brendan Fraser Was Heartbroken After Batgirl Cancellation, Cursed WB for Depriving Little Girls of Leslie Grace’s Latin-American Representation

Brendan Fraser has once again become a hot sensation in Hollywood with his Oscar-worthy performance in the 2023 film The Whale. The film follows Charlie, who suffers from obesity and other health problems and tries to reconnect with his daughter before it’s too late. Fraser’s performance in the film brought him back to the spotlight and even earned him the nomination for Best Actor at the 95th Academy Awards.

HBO Max's Batgirl has been shelved indefinitely by Warner Bros.

The recognition has helped The Mummy star regain his confidence, and he has been openly sharing his opinion about the cancellation of the DC film Batgirl. He starred in the canceled film as the DC supervillain, Firefly. The actor has shared how the cancellation was heartbreaking for him and little girls who would have been able to relate to Leslie Grace’s Batgirl.

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Brendan Fraser on Being Blindsided by Batgirl’s Cancellation

Brendan Fraser could have made his comeback as a DC supervillain, Firefly, in the canceled DC film, Batgirl. However, the studio decided to scrap the film under its new plan to focus on theatrical releases. Along with Batgirl, the studio canceled several films under its new plan after its merger with Discovery.

Brendan Fraser as Firefly from the canceled Batgirl movie
Brendan Fraser as Firefly in the canceled Batgirl movie

While talking to Variety, the Bedazzled star shared that he was aware that the makers and producers of Batgirl were expecting to hear from the studio after its merger. However, they expected the studio to discuss ways to broaden the film from streaming to theatrical release.

But he was left heartbroken after he learned that the film “was in the interest of writing down some debt.” Fraser said that he felt like “getting punked” when he initially heard the news. Fraser also said that he and his co-star Leslie Grace had no prior knowledge of the film’s cancellation.

Brendan Fraser praises Batgirl
Brendan Fraser praises Batgirl

Brendan Fraser has earlier called Batgirl’s cancellation “tragic” and “disappointing.” Followed by its cancellation, the studio held a funeral screening of Batgirl, and the cancellation was deemed reasonable but those who attended the screening. However, Fraser has claimed that the film was not shown in the best light and still had a lot of work undone.

The Furry Vengeance star also shared that he is extremely sad for his co-star, Leslie Grace, who did her best in the film. But all her efforts went to waste after the studio canceled Batgirl.

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Brenden Fraser Praised Leslie Grace For Her Work in Batgirl

Brendan Fraser portrayed the DC supervillain Firefly in Batgirl. He has expressed his disappointment with Warner Bros’ decision to cancel the film on several occasions. The Gods and Monsters star has also praised his co-star, Leslie Grace’s work in the film saying that she “gave a great performance” as Barbara Gordon.

Brenden Fraiser
Brenden Fraser

And he only had good things to say about the In the Heights actor when he was asked about her during his interview with Variety. He said that the cancellation made him sad, especially for his co-star, Leslie Grace. “That makes me sad. I know how good she was. And I know what this would mean to so many people,” Fraser said.

He also noted how Grace’s Batgirl would have been a superhero for “a whole generation of little girls.” And now they will have to wait a long time to see a superhero they can relate to.

Leslie Grace while filming Batgirl
Leslie Grace while filming Batgirl

“What I find most lamentable is that now a whole generation of little girls are going to have to wait longer to see a Batgirl and say, ‘Hey, she looks like me.'”

Brendan Fraser said that he was amused by Grace’s confidence as a young actress. He also said that Batgirl could have been the breakthrough role for her acting career. The Dudley Do-Right star has said that he enjoyed working with Leslie Grace, and they always helped each other while working on the film.

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Source: Variety

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