“I might not have taken it”: Real Reason Christopher Judge Almost Said No to Kratos in God of War

Christopher Judge reveals he came very close to denying the role of Kratos in God of War.

"I might not have taken it": Real Reason Christopher Judge Almost Said No to Kratos in God of War


  • Christopher Judge won the best performance award at The Game Awards 2022.
  • New God of War games have given the franchise a new relatable direction.
  • Christopher Judge read the script before he knew it was for a video game.
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God of War: Ragnarok is an incredibly well-made game. Its story surely leaves fans desiring more, but its gameplay, level design, visuals, and music make up for it. Something that brings this game to the top, though, is its characters and the actors playing them. From Kratos to Odin, every character in God of War is played with excellence.


The evidence lies in the fact that Christopher Judge, the incredible actor behind God of War, himself won the Best Actor award during the Game Awards ceremony. What’s even better is that he got this award from none other than Al Pacino. But it looks like he wasn’t always open about working on such a project before.

Christopher Judge would not have played Kratos in God of War if things were different

A still from God of War: Ragnarok

Every actor in Hollywood is looking for his or her chance. They do what they can to get that moment, which allows them to showcase how good they are at it. Christopher Judge had played a bunch of incredible roles before, but God of War can be described as his big break.


And he played this role with such dedication that everyone believed every line he spoke. That’s what made him eligible for this best performance award at the Game Awards ceremony. But he has also revealed that even though he won an award for it, he would have skipped the role of Kratos if he knew the script, which he was given to read, was for a video game.

He specifically says, “I was the last actor in California to read for this role. Back then, if I’d known it was for a video game, I might not have taken it. Boy, how things have changed.” He also talked about the process of auditioning a bit. “When I auditioned for it, it was so secretive, I had no idea that I was even auditioning for a video game.”

Thanks to the incredible writing of Matt Sophos, Richard Zangrande Gaubert, and Cory Barlog God of War 2018 was a much more streamlined experience. It gave fans a look at a whole new Kratos. He was contained, he was thoughtful, and most importantly, he was a father. And Christopher Judge made gamers believe every single bit of it.

A still from God of War: Ragnarok

For those unaware, this game was a huge step away from what God of War used to be before that. Till God of War 3 fans controlled a Kratos who was full of rage; he killed people without a second thought and was relentless in the face of challenge. Christopher Judge showed fans how Kratos changed once he had a real responsibility at hand.

He now considered his options when faced with a challenge, and he even worked with the NPCs; he did not just kill them for his own gain. While the writing made him this character, there’s no denying Christopher Judge’s input into this role is what made it stand out.

So yes, he might have skipped on it if he knew it was just a game, but his not doing it turned out to be a blessing for both this project and its fans.


Would Sony Santa Monica bring him back though?

A still from God of War: Ragnarok

Now that Christopher Judge’s Kratos has ended his journey in Nordic mythology, fans wonder where he is going next. Some say it’s Egypt; others say this time he would travel to multiple worlds. But one thing no one knows is if the studio will recast Kratos or bring back Christopher Judge one more time.

This confirmation is still far away, though, as fans would only know it once any announcement for the next game comes from the studio. At the moment, they are reportedly working on a whole other kind of experience.


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