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“I thought I was going to die, I just can’t live like this”: George Clooney Was Seriously Worried About His Health After Injury During His Oscar Winning Movie ‘Syriana’

"I thought I was going to die, I just can’t live like this": George Clooney Was Seriously Worried About His Health After Injury During His Oscar Winning Movie 'Syriana'

George Clooney is passionate about movies and movie making, he continues to create films that appeal to both critics and audiences. After some ups and downs in his career, before his career took off, George Clooney appeared in several dreadful movies and TV shows, including Return of the Killer Tomatoes and the comedy ER.

George Clooney in The Return of Killer Tomatoes.

After appearing in several movies, including Batman & Robin, The Peacemaker, and Out of Sight, Clooney left ER in 1999 to concentrate on his acting career(1998). He made a cameo in the acclaimed Three Kings that same year. Clooney finally bagged films that lead him to the Oscars. One such film was Syriana. 

George Clooney could not sleep for days due to severe injuries

George Clooney

Syriana was a passion project for George Clooney that he believed would never be accepted by the studio. Harrison Ford was the original contender for the part, and after seeing the finished film and learning that Clooney had won an Oscar for it, the legendary actor regretted having turned it down.

Clooney’s performance in Syriana was immensely praised, he also served as executive producer on the film. The Oscar-winning part, however, required much effort behind the scenes. Clooney had a really serious head injury. Clooney shared with THR,

“I had a two-and-a-half-inch tear in the middle of my back and a half-inch tear in my neck. I thought I was going to die, [but] I’ve gone from where I can’t function, where ‘I just can’t live like this,’ to ‘I’ve got a bad headache. Turning off the television causes me to think, and once I start that vision roaring, I have a very tough time getting to sleep. Without question, I wake every night five times.”

George Clooney at Film Festival

The discomfort and sleeplessness gradually subsided after the operation. But it was a lengthy process, and Clooney needed time to heal. The actor started experiencing benefits after the therapy.

“A blood patch, where they take your blood and shoot it into your spine and get the blood to coagulate to plug up the holes. I still get headaches sometimes. But even the doctor, when I had surgery in 2005, said, ‘Listen, this pain is going to go away with a whimper, not a bang.’ And there’s some truth there.”

He continued,

“It took years to slowly diminish and diminish and diminish to where now anything I get is negligible. It’s like having a hangover: You know when you get it, and you can handle it. It’s been much, much better.”

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George Clooney is not the only celebrity who has suffered from insomnia, the crippling disease has troubled many Hollywood stars. It is indeed a relief that surgery helped Clooney to get better even though it was a big scare.

George Clooney refused a $35 Million commercial for a day

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George Clooney

Clooney realized after in Batman & Robin that no actor can overcome a poor screenplay. The actor is obviously doing a lot of things right, which may include refusing millions for a simple salary. However, there was a time he would do movies for money, today the actor is privileged enough to choose the films he wants to associate with.

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He referred to the job as a moral dilemma. Clooney had a $35 million offer for a one-day shoot from a certain airline but eventually declined it because it didn’t feel right.

“I was offered $35 million for one day’s work for an airline commercial, but I talked to Amal about it and we decided it’s not worth it. It was a country that, although it’s an ally, is questionable at times, and so I thought: ‘Well, if it takes a minute’s sleep away from me, it’s not worth it.”

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Even while some people may be tearing out their hair over this downturn, given that Clooney is now in his 60s and earning $500 million, it is all the more comprehensible. In actuality, the actor has earned the right to do whatever he wants or just rest for the rest of his life without having to lift a finger.

Source: THR

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