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“I thought I was too young”: Hugh Jackman Regrets Turning Down $306M Oscar Winning Movie With Catherine Zeta-Jones Due to Own Insecurities

“I thought I was too young”: Hugh Jackman Regrets Turning Down $306M Oscar Winning Movie With Catherine Zeta-Jones Due to Own Insecurities

Hugh Jackman is considered to be among the top actors in the Hollywood industry. Like several other actors, Jackman too had a humble beginning in the world of the film industry. Never being a denier, the actor did once, refuse a role that could have made him all the more famous.

Talking about the 2002 movie Chicago, the actor was offered a prominent role in the movie which he refused to act in. Stating that he was still young and too unsure of himself, Jackman told that he regretted rejecting the movie ever since.

Hugh Jackman in The Wolverine (2013)
Hugh Jackman in The Wolverine (2013)

When Hugh Jackman Was Insecure About Himself

Back in the early days, the The Greatest Showman actor did not have much fame to his name. It was only after his role as Wolverine in the X-Men franchise that people noticed him and admired Jackman for his acting skills and gave him the “legendary actor” status.

A still of Hugh Jackman from The Boy from Oz (2003).
A still of Hugh Jackman from The Boy from Oz (2003).

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Talking about a 2002 movie titled Chicago that went on to win 6 Oscars, Hugh Jackman regretted that he refused to star in the film because he was too afraid of his insecurities. The role of Billy Flynn, which was portrayed by Richard Gere was originally offered to the Real Steel actor. In his naivety or due to his young mind, Jackman rejected the offer stating that he was relatively too young in the film industry.

Stating in an interview, Jackman admits that it was indeed one of his biggest mistakes and he regrets it every day.

“I’d always wanted to do a movie musical and this one came along relatively early in my career. I thought I was too young as there was one line when he said ‘I’ve seen it all, kid’. A year later it went on to win all the Oscars and I remember thinking that perhaps a little bit of make-up could have worked.”

As stated by the man himself, Chicago went on to earn big at the Oscars awards which starred Catherine Zeta-Jones and Martin Richards winning the “Best Picture” Oscar award.

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The Hugh Jackman Movie That Has Not Yet Released A Sequel!

Hugh Jackman in Real Steel (2011).
Hugh Jackman in Real Steel (2011).

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Back in 2011, Jackman starred in a movie that made it big into the world of cinema. Real Steel had a rough start in the beginning however, fans noticed the depth of the movie and considered it to be a masterpiece unparalleled by others. The director of the movie Shawn Levy openly stated that they are developing a sequel. The news, however, is 12 years old and there is still no sequel!

At the Toronto International Film Festival back in 2022, the director did reveal that they are constantly working on the sequel but as of now, there are no updates confirming the news.

“We have been quietly developing a sequel to Real Steel for three and a half years. We’ve come up with some great scripts but Hugh and I would only make it if the plot feels fresh, but also the character journeys feel fresh, and we’ve found both but never at the same time. It’s ongoing. I know the clock is ticking.”

Although attached to numerous projects, people await the return of Hugh Jackman in the iconic role of Wolverine when Deadpool 3 releases on 8th November 2024 in theaters across the U.S.

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