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‘I Thought It Would Look Good on My Resume’: Alexandra Daddario Reveals How Her Naked Scene in True Detective Changed Her Life

There is no wonder that Alexandra Daddario is making fame for herself in the Hollywood industry. For a bit more information, in the past few years, she also appeared in San Andreas, Baywatch, and Why Women Kill. During her evolving career as an actress, it wasn’t until a “tactical” decision occurred in True Detective in 2014, that blew her career on a whole another level.

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Alexandra Daddario talks about a scene which changed her career
Alexandra Daddario talks about a scene that changed her career

Although her role in the Percy Jackson films has been well credited for paving her career as an actress, she said it was her much minor role in True Detective. According to The Hollywood Reporter in 2020, Alexandra Daddario clarified that before securing the role, she was struggling to get taken seriously as an actress. This is the reason why she made a tactical decision to protest for a role on the show.

How ‘True Detective’ Changed Alexandra Daddario’s Career?

 True Detective star Alexandra Daddario
True Detective star Alexandra Daddario

Above all that, she had already found a great contract for her career in Hollywood before “True Detective” and she had a small role in the Percy Jackson movies, led Texas Chainsaw 3D, and also best-known shows like White Collar and Parenthood. But even after all that she was expected to show the industry that she had even more to go and True Detective had the money for her. During Collider Ladies Night celebration of the debut of The White Lotus on HBO, the actress mentioned her greatest achievements thus far and particularly pointed out True Detective’s role:

“The biggest successes I’ve had in my career, I did not expect or they were completely out of the blue. And the biggest jobs I’ve booked, I had no concept that I was gonna book them. So I’ve tried to maintain my sanity or whatever my viewpoint on life is, I try not to put too many expectations on things. I do have more knowledge and understanding of tracking and how things are gonna work, but True Detective, for example, which I’m sure we’ll get to, it’s like, I didn’t see what was gonna happen from that coming at all. I don’t even think I was invited to that premiere. I didn’t go to the premiere of that show and then it ended up being a huge thing for my career. So you just never know what’s gonna happen, so I just try to do the best I can in whatever I choose to do and that’s it.”

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True Detective Season 1
True Detective Season 1

True Detective really proves to be the life-changing decision Alexandra Daddario hoped for and she said:

“I didn’t expect to have what I had happen, which was – it’s a long time ago now – getting naked on a show where I didn’t have a huge role, I didn’t know what to expect. And then, of course, that episode aired and my manager called, and I’ll never forget it, I was sitting on my boyfriend’s couch and she calls me in the morning after the episode aired and she was like, ‘The phone’s been ringing off the hook all morning. The phone won’t stop ringing!’ And all of a sudden, everyone in town wanted to meet with me, and then I booked San Andreas. So no, I would have never expected that from that role. It was tactical, but not that tactical.”

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The actress also said that there’s a whole lot more from where this came from! She further continued:

“I mean, everyone has an ego, but I’m like, ‘If they want me, they’ll call me,’ you know? And if not, I need to build a rich enough life apart from that to be happy. I didn’t expect to be invited. It was only afterward in retrospect when I was at the Emmys that I was like, ‘Wow, I’m a big enough part of this show to be invited to the Emmys on behalf of the show even though I’m not nominated.’ But it was just something that I don’t think anybody expected including myself. I really didn’t expect people to have that reaction to that character the way that they did.”

In 2021, Alexandra Daddario starred in the show that everyone’s been watching: The White Lotus. She plays the role of Rachel, a journalist and newlywed on her honeymoon.

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Written by Shreeparna Das