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“I told Sandy a very disgusting story”: Sandra Bullock Did Not Talk to Hugh Grant For 3 Years After Their Humiliating First Meeting

Sandra Bullock Did Not Talk to Hugh Grant For 3 Years After Their Humiliating First Meeting

Relationships can be a bit tricky if not taken care of during the earlier stages. That is exactly what happened between veteran actors Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant years before meeting for a romantic-comedy movie that left them on “not-so-good” terms.

According to a story, the duo had met 5 years prior to filming together for the first time where Grant told a disgusting story. Sandra Bullock was so repulsed by the actor that she simply left and did not talk to him for 3 years!

Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock in Two Weeks Notice (2002).
Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock in Two Weeks Notice (2002).

Hugh Grant’s Story That Made Sandra Bullock Leave

Before joining hands and walking down the lane in the 2002 movie Two Weeks Notice, Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock met 5 years prior. According to interviews that they shared, a story of the duo came to light which was…interesting to say the least.

Hugh Grant.
Hugh Grant.

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In an interview after the movie was released, Hugh Grant recalled the first meeting that they (he and Sandra Bullock) ever had. According to the actor, he had told such a disgusting tale to Sandra Bullock that the actress simply got up and left. Although the details of the story were not revealed, Grant stated that she did not talk to the actor for 3 years!

“We first met up about five years ago and had what Hollywood calls ‘a relationship meeting,’ where you talk about the possibility of working together. I told Sandy a very disgusting story, which I think revolted her, she left the room, and I didn’t hear from her for three years after that,” 

The actor later revealed that although they were off to a rocky start, they did start talking to each other and later on went to became great friends. While shooting for Two Weeks Notice, the duo pulled pranks on each other which annoyed the crew of the movie.

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When Sandra Bullock Pranked Hugh Grant

Sandra Bullock in The Lost City (2022).
Sandra Bullock in The Lost City (2022).

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In an interview with Express, Grant recalled that their relationship was going pretty great. He stated that the crew of the project was also annoyed with how the duo acted on set.

“We got on extremely well. Even too well. She has that effect on me, that sort of friend one had at school with whom, you can’t look them in the eye because it makes you laugh,” he said.  

Sandra Bullock, in her statements, revealed that she once stole Grant’s phone, called one of his closest friends, and simply said that the actor was admitted to a hospital.

“I might have called him at night and said, ‘Ah, we need your help, Hugh is in hospital’. So you just need to be on your guard, but it’s the most fun to be his friend.”

With the movie receiving generally positive feedback, the 2002 movie Two Weeks Notice is available to rent from Apple TV+.

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