“I would be a creep to be too upset”: Better Call Saul Breaks Silence on Heartbreaking 46 Emmy Losses That Left Bob Odenkirk Fans Devastated

Better Call Saul Breaks Silence on Heartbreaking 46 Emmy Losses That Left Bob Odenkirk Fans Devastated
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Peter Gould is a very famous scriptwriter, director, and producer in the Hollywood industry, while is famously known for his involvement in Breaking Bad, Gould is also the co-creator of Better Call Saul, a spinoff of the original series. He left a huge impact on the entertainment industry with these TV shows as they were critically acclaimed as one of the best shows of this century. Moreover, apart from these shows, Gould has also worked on many other projects.


Quite recently, during an interview, Peter Gould shared many things about how he came to direct these shows and the stories surrounding them. He also shared how sad he was when the show was nominated for so many awards, but lost most of them, especially the Emmys.

Peter Gould.
Peter Gould

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Better Call Saul Was Nominated 46 times for the Emmys

Better Call Saul concluded a few months ago with six seasons under its belt. The series was one of the most fan-loved shows and it did not have holes in its plot whatsoever, nevertheless, the show’s end brought tears to many fans, followers, and admirers. The TV series is a spinoff of Breaking Bad and only a handful of people had expectations from it, now imagine the shock they felt when the spinoff outdid the original. And fortunately, the show has reached its peak with its latest season and unfortunately, the latest will be the last.

Bob Odenkirk Better Call Saul 1
Bob Odenkirk in Better Call Saul

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“Of course, I’m always disappointed when it’s not us, although I will say there’s always that moment of relief of not having to make a speech if I’m the one who has to make the speech. We’ve been so lucky to be nominated so many times. So far, every season of the show has been nominated for “Best Drama Series.” I mean, for a spin-off, I think that’s a pretty amazingthing.

Also, the Critics Choice Awards and the other awards shows have been very, very good to us. So it feels like I would be a creep to be too upset. Too upset like, “Oh, I didn’t get my award.” Having said that, we love the Emmys, and we would love the Emmys to love us back.”

During an interview with Discussing Film, when the interviewer asked Peter Gould how he felt about receiving 46 Emmy nominations but winning none, Gould replied that although nobody is born deserving of an award, for a spinoff the show was pretty darn deserving of an award. Although he shares that he is not upset with the outcome as the show has won multiple other awards, Gould would have liked some Emmys too. Peter Gould joking added that he had a moment of relief when the show didn’t win an Emmy as he would have had to make a speech for the occasion otherwise.


The Highest-Rated Scripted Series: Better Call Saul 

Better Call Saul
Better Call Saul

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The TV show, Better Call Saul ran for a duration of six seasons from 2015 to 2022, and at the time of its airing, the show was the highest-rated scripted series of all time. The show has an IMDb rating of 9/10 and is a mixture of crime, drama, and a bit of comedy. The show has been nominated for a total of 284 times, winning 60 of those. Most famously known for receiving 46 Emmy nominations and winning none, moreover, every season of the show has been nominated for several awards.

Better Call Saul is available for streaming on Netflix.


Source: Discussing Film

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