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“I would like to experience that”: Tom Cruise’s Decision to Not Have Kids With Nicole Kidman Made Aquaman Star Struggle With ‘Unnecessary Gossips’ Regarding Top Gun Star’s Sexuality

“I would like to experience that”: Tom Cruise’s Decision to Not Have Kids With Nicole Kidman Made Aquaman Star Struggle With ‘Unnecessary Gossips’ Regarding Top Gun Star’s Sexuality

Tom Cruise is one of the biggest actors in the Hollywood Industry. Apart from his fame and success-filled life, he also had an interesting dating history. The Top Gun: Maverick actor has been linked with many popular actresses in the industry.

One of them also includes the alluring beauty, Nicole Kidman. The ex-couples onscreen chemistry is also loved by many fans out there. Both of them did three films together, Days of Thunder, Eyes Wide Shut, and Far and Away. They were together for a long time, due to which people made many unnecessary allegations about Nicole Kidman’s fertility.

Why Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise Never Had A Kid?

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

The divorced couple met on the sets of Days of Thunder in the year 1990. They got married real quick in the same year on Christmas Eve. The Bombshell actress wanted to have kids with Cruise but faced a miscarriage in her first pregnancy which was heartbreaking for her.

Later on, she got some shocking news from doctors who informed her she will not be able to conceive while planning their second pregnancy. That’s the reason, through mutual decision, the ex-couple decided to adopt kids. Kidman and Cruise have 2 adopted children named Isabella and Connor.

Their marriage lasted for almost 10 years, and it was the longest relationship Tom Cruise has ever been in.

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Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman’s Relationship With Their Adopted Kids

Isabella Cruise and Connor Cruise
Isabella Cruise and Connor Cruise

There were rumors on the internet that Nicole Kidman was estranged from her daughter Isabella, and son Connor. But later the claims were denied by The Invasion Actress as she considers the rumors to be false. In an interview with Who Magazine in the year 2018, she mentioned how her children are a priority for her.

“I’m very private about all that. I have to protect all those relationships. I know 150 percent that I would give up my life for my children because it’s what my purpose is.”

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Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise
Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise

A few years back, Isabella got married and it was known both her parents were quite happy for her. The Mission Impossible actor even paid for the wedding party of her daughter. Kidman has always been proud of her kids and doesn’t regret the decision of adopting them. In one of the interviews, she also expressed that she had a great relationship and marriage with Cruise.

“I got married really fast and really young. But I don’t regret that because it got me Bella and Connor and I did have a fantastic marriage for a long period.”

Speaking of Tom Cruise’s current relationship, he was romantically linked with Hayley Atwell and both were spotted having a good time together. On the other hand, Nicole Kidman married Keith Urban in 2006. The couple shares 2 kids together named Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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