“I would not p-e without running into my bed”: Jennifer Lawrence Struggled to Sleep for 3 Years After Watching Horror Film At The Age of 19 Which Was on ‘Nobody’s list’

Jennifer Lawrence Struggled to Sleep for 3 Years After Watching Horror Film At The Age of 19 Which Was on ‘Nobody’s list’
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There’s something about horror movies that gets the attention of the audience and gets them to stick to the edge of their seats for the duration of the movies. However, not everyone enjoys watching the genre and Jennifer Lawrence once revealed that despite having made a few horror movies herself, she got really scared watching the supernatural horror movie, The Haunting in Connecticut back in 2009.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence\

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Jennifer Lawrence talks about watching The Haunting of Connecticut

Back in 2017, Jennifer Lawrence appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers while she was promoting her upcoming psychological horror movie, Mother! Meyers asked the X-Men actress about the movie and said, “I would say this movie is more disturbing than a horror movie…but it’s not a classic horror film. Do you enjoy going to a classic horror film?” Jennifer Lawrence replied that she does not enjoy watching classic horror movies after watching The Haunting in Connecticut. She said, “No I once watched The Haunting in Connecticut back in 2009 and I was scared for three years.

Jennifer Lawrence and Seth Meyers
Jennifer Lawrence and Seth Meyers

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Seth Meyers further mentioned how The Haunting in Connecticut is not on “nobody’s list of the scariest movies” and is not terrifying as such.

Seth Meyers trolls The Haunting of Connecticut

In the same interview, Seth Meyers pulled out the poster of The Haunting of Connecticut and absolutely trolled the Peter Conwell movie. On the top of the poster it says, ‘Based on true events‘ and Meyer pointed to it and said,


“By the way, when I saw this, I was like, ‘No, it’s fu**king not.’ Based on true events? It’s like based on one of those peanut cans where a snake comes out. Nobody’s like, ‘Oh yeah, that case where the spirit’s root hardened and came out of the kid’s mouth.'”

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

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Even Jennifer Lawrence burst out laughing while hearing Seth Meyer’s hilarious comments and said that she wished she had met him in 2009. The Don’t Look Up actress further talked about how she was so scared after watching The Haunting of Connecticut that she could not even go to the washroom normally. She said,

“I could not pee without running into my bed.”

The Haunting of Connecticut was not a massive success at the box office but it still went on to gross almost $77 million. The movie also received largely negative reviews from fans and critics.


The Haunting of Connecticut is currently streaming on Hulu.

Source: Late Night with Seth Meyers


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