“I’d like to punch The Rock in the face”: Shazam Star Zachary Levi Teases Showdown With Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam

“I’d like to punch The Rock in the face”: Shazam Star Zachary Levi Teases Showdown With Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam
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When Black Adam saw its much-awaited and heavily marketed release back on October 21, 2022, fans of the DCU were very optimistic to see what Shazam!‘s rival could do in the movie industry. However, it fared averagely at best, both in the critic’s eyes and at the box office (earning just $388 million against a budget of $195-230 million production budget!)


Black Adam may have been forgotten by many even though its release has only seen almost two full months pass, but it surely did hype up the DCU fanbase on one thing- a Henry Cavill cameo that was eventually followed up with confirmation from Cavill that his Superman return is imminent. Leaving all that aside, we might just be getting more than that!

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Black Adam

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Black Adam Vs. Shazam Teased By Zachary Levi

Perhaps a much more memorable movie from the DCU came out in 2019, titled Shazam!. It had Chuck star Zachary Levi in the lead role of 14-year-old  Billy Batson, who eventually picks up the role of a superhero just by saying the word ‘Shazam’.

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Shazam vs Black Adam

Compared to Black Adam‘s box office record till now (and taking into account the almost $200 million budget it had), it’s safe to say Shazam! has fared way better than the former. After all, Teth Adam and Shazam are archenemies!

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With a sequel for both movies currently in the works, fans of the DCU might be expecting an eventual showdown between the two destined opponents in either of the sequels. And to further the hype, Shazam! star Zachary Levi has gone on to tease fans of the showdown himself!

The 42-year-old actor recently joked about the anticipated showdown between the two DCU characters at Comic Con Portugal, saying-

“I have no idea. I wish I had that power of decision, but I don’t. I was just lucky to get the job, very blessed. But obviously I’d like to punch The Rock in the face!”
That’s the first blood drawn by Levi in this battle between superheroes, what will Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s response to this challenge be?

No Plans For Shazam Means End Of Friendship With DC Studios Heads For Zachary Levi

With the appointment of James Gunn and Peter Safran as new DC Studios CEOs, a huge change in the DCU is incoming although it is still in the works.

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Zachary Levi and Dwayne Johnson

Some franchises or straight up even some characters might see an end in their journey as members of the DCU, which also includes the possibility of the new CEOs discontinuing Shazam!. While it does seem unlikely that it will happen considering the character is a huge part of one of DCU’s most successful releases, consequences will soon follow, at least from Zachary Levi.

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While on stage at Comic Con Portugal in 2022, Levi was given the reality check-ish question regarding his DCU character’s future in the franchise, to which he replied-


“So, your question is, ‘If those two are my bosses, is there a plan and a future for Shazam!?’ I would say, ‘Yeah.’ I would hope so.”

“Those are my friends, and if they don’t have a plan, then they are not my friends anymore. No sir.”

That last line might be a joke, but it won’t ever have to happen considering DC Studios cannot afford to let such a highly-acclaimed character bite the dust.

Shazam! is currently available for streaming on Netflix. Black Adam is also available for streaming on Apple TV.

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