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“I’d pick my own movie”: Green Arrow Star Stephen Amell Wants to Become DCU’s Emerald Archer Under James Gunn After Frustrating CW Series Ending


When it comes to expanding the DC universe on the small screen, everyone just turns to the shows made by CW, more specifically, the show that started it all. CW’s Arrow was the TV series that gave birth to the Arrowverse as we know it today, with star Stephen Amell’s portrayal of Oliver Queen, a.k.a the Green Arrow leading the charge. With the success of the show, CW was able to make a whole universe of DC on the small screen.

Arrow Stephen Amell Oliver Queen 2
Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in The CW’s Arrow

But with the shuffle of management finally settling down, CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran have taken the charge of building a new DCU from the ground up, which has resulted in some high-profile individuals and multi-million dollar projects being scrapped off the board without batting an eye. This news might come as a tragedy, but as they say, an opportunity presents itself for people when they are ready, and it seems like Amell has figured out that opportunity in the midst of all this rumble.

Stephen Amell Would Love To Come Back As Green Arrow In The New DCU!

Arrowverse FandomWire
The ensemble cast of the Arrowverse franchise

The entire menagerie of TV shows that CW created, popularly known as the Arrowverse, was given the name because the roots for all of these shows tie to one. The first show that The CW ever created was Arrow, which featured Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, who donned the green hood at night to become the crime-fighting, revenge-seeking vigilante known as Green Arrow. As the show’s popularity grew, CW introduced a number of new superheroes in their lineup and went on to create a separate small-screen universe of DC heroes around the first show, hence the name.

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But as with everything that is going on with the management at Warner Bros. Discovery, the new CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran have flipped the current order of the DCU on its head and hung it to dry, which means that they have subsequently destroyed the current order, which also means that the CW shows are being canceled. This is especially heartbreaking news as many fan-favorite shows will be shut down due to this. But this also means that they can return to the core of the DC Comics universe if brought back, and this is where Amell wants to come back into the action.

Speaking with Geek House Show, Amell said that he would be more than happy to pick up the bow and get back to shooting down enemies, but on the condition that he is given a solo movie to enter the new DCU first. He said:

“If I’m gonna be a part of the [DC Universe], I’d probably just want to play the Green Arrow in there, If I had to pick one, I’d pick my own movie, only because there’s so many things that selfishly I would like to do with Arrow that we couldn’t necessarily do on TV.”

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What’s Next For The DCU?

The opinions of the DCEU fans
DCEU’s Justice League

After the subsequent dismantling of the current DCEU, James Gunn has made it clear that he has a vision for an entirely different version of what the DC cinematic universe should look like, which clearly doesn’t include the current order. After shoving characters like Superman and Wonder Woman in the trashcan, it is unclear who will be the next cornerstone of the new DCU. But, in the midst of all this, there is a ray of possibility for new characters to shine through.

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