“10 years ago this show premiered on the CW and changed my life”: Fans Pay Tribute to Arrow on its 10-Year Anniversary

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Exactly a decade ago, Arrow premiered on The CW starring Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen. The Arrowverse is one of the biggest flagship franchises of the network, and the pilot episode, aired in October 2012, reimagined the legend of Green Arrow with an origin story of how Oliver became Star City’s greatest hero.

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in The CW’s Arrow

The series ran for eight seasons with a total of 170 episodes, and the finale aired in January 2020, concluding Oliver’s story and introducing Crisis on Infinite Earths. The series paved the way for more spinoff shows, such as Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, and Batwoman, to name a few. The CW’s Arrow is indeed a huge success for the studio. It was met with positive reviews, and its debut garnered 4 million total viewers, making it the network’s most-watched episode at that time.

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Stephen Amell And Fans Celebrate Arrow’s 10th-Year Anniversary

Arrow Stephen Amell Oliver Queen 4
Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in The CW’s Arrow

To celebrate its 10th-year anniversary, Amell posted a video on his Instagram page and shared his memorable experience making Arrow and how it changed his career as an actor. He also thanked everyone who supported the show and those who were involved in the creation. Check out Amell’s post here:

Stephen Amell Arrow
Screenshot from Stephen Amell’s Instagram page

Twitter fans have also expressed their love and gratitude toward the series. Check out their tweets below:



Long-time viewers praised the show for giving each character a substantial backstory and set-up while keeping the flow of the story as gritty and memorable as possible.

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Will Oliver Queen Return?

Arrow Stephen Amell Oliver Queen 3
Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in The CW’s Arrow

Oliver’s tragic death would have ended his story, but the character can still possibly return. In the Earth-Prime comics, Oliver returned as The Spectre, and since The Flash Season 9 will arrive this 2023, there is a possibility that he can reprise his role in the show.

Despite several spinoffs that followed Arrow, many of these were canceled. It is only fitting to pay tribute to the series that started it all, expanded the DC TV universe, and introduced lesser-known characters to the viewers. It also had successful crossovers with several of its spinoffs, bringing all these DC characters together in one frame.

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Arrow Stephen Amell Oliver Queen 2
Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in The CW’s Arrow

The crossovers help you build out the universe. They cease being individual shows and become chapters in a much larger, longer narrative,” says Marc Guggenheim, original executive producer of the series (via TV Line).

What better way to celebrate Arrow’s 10th-year anniversary than a night of binge-watching? Fans can stream the show via Netflix, HBO Go, or DVD releases.

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