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“I’ll rough some people up”: Orlando Bloom Became Real-Life Batman to Retrieve His Stolen Items, Tracked Down Pawn Seller Himself Like a True Badass

"I’ll rough some people up": Orlando Bloom Became Real-Life Batman to Retrieve His Stolen Items, Tracked Down Pawn Seller Himself Like a True Badass

Orlando Bloom is one hell of an actor and is constantly making headlines for one reason or another. The American actor first rose to fame back in 2001 for his portrayal of Legolas in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Bloom is known for his diverse acting roles but the actor made a big name for himself by acting in the big fantasy movies during his early acting days. The role of Legolas in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean series made the actor a household name.

Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom

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Although Orlando Bloom is a diverse actor, he refused to play the role of himself in a 2013 crime movie, The Bling Ring due to personal reasons.

Orlando Bloom turned down a role in The Bling Ring movie

The Bling Ring Gang was a gang of teenagers and young adults looking for fame and money through robbery. Back in 2008 and 2009, a group of 7 people broke into a bunch of high-profile homes. They stole almost $3 million in cash and kind from the homes of several estates of high-profile celebrities. One of the celebrities who were robbed was Orlando Bloom.

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After the gang was caught, Sofia Coppola decided to make a movie about these and asked some of the celebrities to star in the movie as themselves who were affected by these robberies. Coppola even asked Bloom to star in the movie as himself. However, the Troy actor turned down the role.

Orlando Bloom even talked about turning down the role in an interview and said,

“Sofia Coppola is wonderful and I’d love to work with her. She asked me to cameo in the movie but I said it was too close to home for me to want to be involved.”

Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom

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The actor further revealed that he felt that it was wrong that a movie was getting made about this series of robberies. He said,

“I thought it was weird to glorify something that was so upsetting for a lot of people. It’s important to detach from material things, but the special, personal things I lost are hard to forget.”

The Bling Ring movie is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

The Carnival Row actor was allegedly ready to go full Batman to get back his stolen watches

Earlier this year in an interview on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Orlando Bloom talked about how he went full on spy-mode to get back his stolen watches which were stolen by The Bling Ring gang. He said,

“I just rocked up to his shop one day and I wired myself. I had a little microphone.I called a private detective! And I said, ‘What do I do?’ And he said, ‘Just get one of those little voice recorders. Get one of these and do it.’ And I was like, ‘Okay.'”

Bloom allegedly showed up alone at the door of the pawn shop that was selling his watches without any security or anything and demanded his watches. He said,

“I was like, ‘Listen, no police, but I’d like to get my watches back.’ He’s like, ‘I’ve gotta go around. I’ve gotta rough some people up.’ There’s this whole story… I said, ‘Well, let’s go! Let’s go! I’ll rough some people up!'”

Orlando Bloom and Niall Horan on The Late Late Show with James Corden
Orlando Bloom, Niall Horan, and James Corden

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Well, things did not go much worse from there as the American actor did not actually need to “rough some people up.” The owner of the pawn shop called him back after he left and gave him 5 of his stolen watches back and Bloom just headed out of there without wasting another second.

Source: Contact Music and The Late Late Show with James Corden

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