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“I’m not a tough guy at all”: Cillian Murphy Was Pushed to His Limits by Peaky Blinders, Found it Extremely Difficult Despite Working With Christopher Nolan Before

"I'm not a tough guy at all": Cillian Murphy Was Pushed to His Limits by Peaky Blinders, Found it Extremely Difficult Despite Working With Christopher Nolan Before

Cillian Murphy is a highly acclaimed and immensely talented actor who has left an indelible mark on the world of film and television. Renowned for his captivating performances and versatility, Murphy has garnered widespread praise for his ability to embody a diverse range of characters with depth and authenticity. 

One of his most iconic roles to date is that of Thomas Shelby in the critically acclaimed television series Peaky Blinders. Murphy delivered a remarkable performance in the series. But as per the actor himself, it was tough to play the role of Thomas “Tommy” Shelby. 

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Cillian Murphy
Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy Believes His Character In Peaky Blinders Is The Toughest Role He Has Ever Played

Peaky Blinders is a gripping and highly acclaimed television series that has garnered a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim. Over the course of six seasons, Murphy’s portrayal of the war veteran turned gangster showcased his versatility and dedication to the craft. However, he admitted that playing the tough and formidable Shelby was a challenge. A Quiet Place Part II star shared that he believes he is not tough in real life, but to justify his character of Thomas Shelby, the actor hit the gym to his best and even learned how to perfectly ride a horse.

“I’m not a tough guy at all so it was by far the toughest character I have ever portrayed, and him being so physical and the amount of respect and fear that this family has in this town means that we all had to look tough. You’ve got to commit to the material and commit to the character and his choices. We did a lot of fighting and stunts, and so I’ve been to the gym more than I’ve ever been in my whole life! Also learning to handle horses, as I’ve never really done that before, so I had to go and spend weeks learning how to ride and how to look reasonably competent on a horse.” 

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Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders
Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders

Cillian Murphy Loves Being Someone Else

Cillian Murphy‘s acting prowess shines through as he effortlessly brings Thomas Shelby to life with a perfect balance of vulnerability, charisma, and ruthlessness in the TV series, Peaky Blinders. One of the reasons for Murphy’s fine depiction can be his fascination to immerse himself in the character he plays. The Anthropoid star shares that as an actor he loves to put himself in the shoes of other individuals on screen. But Murphy believes that getting out of these characters and presenting himself in his natural forms after the completion of the shoot is the most difficult part.

“I love getting up and being someone else. What I find hard is getting up and being hilarious or entertaining as myself. That was never in the job description and I’m not very good at it. But it’s an unwritten part of the gig. You do the work and then you have to go out and perform as yourself. I find it terrifying, because I’m not a personality, you know?”

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Cillian Murphy in Oppenheimer
Cillian Murphy in Oppenheimer

Murphy’s commanding presence and undeniable talent have played a significant role in making Peaky Blinders one of the most gripping and addictive series. And the efforts of the Broken star to accomplish this is surely worth the praise. 

Peaky Blinders is available on Netflix.

Source: BBC; The Guardian

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