‘I’m not like 25 man…. Are you sure!?’: Ben Affleck Reveals Zack Snyder Chose Him as Batman Because He Wanted an Older Dark Knight Who’s “Falling Apart”

Ben Affleck Reveals Zack Snyder Chose Him as Batman Because He Wanted an Older Dark Knight Who's "Falling Apart"
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A throwback to the press for Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, we come back to the casting announcement of Ben Affleck as Batman and how he reacted to becoming the Caped Crusader. 2016 was a big year for the actor as he took on the iconic role of Bruce Wayne and became the newest face of Batman before Robert Pattinson took the cowl.

Ben Affleck is likely to replace Michael Keaton in Aquaman 2
Ben Affleck as Batman

Apart from being doubtful whether he was the right fit or not, he was also skeptical about the audience reacting to the announcement as well. Especially since he was to face Henry Cavill’s Superman.

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Ben Affleck’s Initial Thoughts About The New Batman

When Ben Affleck had received the call for the role of Batman, he was confused with how they were planning on approaching the character in the first place. His assumption had been about the origin story of Batman and how Bruce wanted to avenge his parents death and fight a supervillain in the process.

Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

He had believed that his version of Batman was to have his own journey and to find his place within the city of Gotham. Ben Affleck had then tried to convince Zack Snyder as to how he would not be the right choice for the role as he is far from being a 25 year old.

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Zack Snyder Broke Down Ben Affleck’s Interpretation Of Batman

Upon hearing Ben Affleck’s idea of Batman, Zack Snyder had very easily wiped off the interpretation he had in his mind. Snyder cleared it out for the actor that the Batman he was to play would be the Frank Miller Version of Batman. A Batman that would be much older, brawnier and on the verge of moral bankruptcy.

Ben Affleck as Batman in Batman v. Superman; Dawn of Justice

This made Affleck think about how perfect he was for the role and how much he would love to play a fresher outlook of the character. Frank Miller’s Batman has a much darker tone and to play a Bruce Wayne as dark and conflicted was an opportunity of a lifetime for the actor as he took on the iconic role.

Wanting to continue more on The Dark Knight aspects of Batman, Affleck was to play a broken Batman who had continuous conflicts within himself.


Ben Affleck is to wear the suit once again for The Flash which is set to release in 2023.

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