“Immediately thought of his cameo in Deadpool 2”: Brad Pitt Is In Ryan Reynolds’ IF Movie But You Can’t See Him

There was no end to the laughter from Brad Pitt's unique cameo in the IF movie!

Bradd Pitt and Ryan Reynolds in If


  • Brad Pitt has done several cameos in his career in iconic shows and films.
  • The unique cameo of Brad Pitt in Ryan Reynolds' IF movie was loved by the fans.
  • David Leitch explains how Brad Pitt's cameo in Deadpool 2 was decided.
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Brad Pitt has become an icon of the film industry over a career that spans 37 years, and he is still going strong. With his chiseled looks, infectious charisma, and acting range, he can portray any role assigned to him. Hence, his career has been built over a wide genre of films, establishing him as an astonishing leading man, unforgettable antagonist, and impactful side character.

Brad Pitt is the King of Camoes for his brief but remarkable cameos
Brad Pitt. Credits: Joel Kowsky/ Wikimedia Commons

When the Fury actor finds the time amid his many roles, he also delivers memorable cameos in films that leave a lasting impact on its viewers. From FRIENDS to Deadpool 2, his cameos are brief but impactful. However, his latest cameo in Ryan Reynolds’ IF Movie tops it all because he had a screen time of 0 seconds in the film.

Brad Pitt’s One-of-a-Kind Cameo in Ryan Reynolds’ IF Movie

Brad Pitt has always been destined for greatness and has always given breathtaking performances in a ton of films. However, if something that Pitt is more famous for than his acting range and his striking looks, it will be his cameos, which can range from being self-referential to surprisingly deep.

Ryan Reynolds and Cailey Fleming in IF
A still from IF, Credits: Paramount Pictures

However, his recent cameo in the 2024 animated film, IF tops it all because he was not featured even once, or was he present the entire time on the screen? Ryan Reynolds’ IF told the fictional story of Cailey Fleming’s Bea, a young girl who can see IFs (imaginary friends), she embarks on an adventure to reconnect the forgotten IFs with their kids.

The film also featured Ryan Reynolds as Cal, Bea’s neighbor who can also see IFs, and his imaginary friend Keith, a silent and invisible IF who keeps tripping him. Needless to say, everything seemed normal to the audience at first, but they were taken aback when they saw the credits of the film, where the name of the Fight Club actor was next to the invisible imaginary friend.

Brad Pitt was present as an invisible imaginary character in IF
Ryan Reynolds as Cal, Cailey Fleming as Bea and Brad Pitt as Keith. Credits: Paramount Pictures

This resulted in a hilarious reaction from the viewers of the film, as they shared the image in X, and how fans of the film laughed their hearts out for the iconic cameo which nobody had seen coming.



This unprecedented cameo had even topped Pitt’s previous cameo in Reynolds’ Deadpool 2, where he was shown for a couple of seconds when he portrayed the role of Vanisher.


How Did The Idea of Brad Pitt’s Cameo Take Place in Deadpool 2?

David Leitch was the director of Deadpool 2, and he came up with the 2-second cameo that has been forever etched as one of the most hilarious and entertaining moments of the sequel. When Leitch was promoting his The Fall Guy, he appeared as a guest in one of the episodes of the Happy Sad Confused podcast with Josh Horowitz, where he discussed the idea of the cameo.

Brad Pitt made a unique cameo in Deadpool 2
Brad Pitt as Vanisher in Deadpool 2. Credits: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

During the episode, David Leitch explained that the Meet Joe Black actor initially wanted to portray the role of Cable, but it went to Josh Brolin, so later Reynolds and he went to Pitt to pitch the idea of a quick cameo as the Vanisher in the 2018 film. He said,

Ryan and I went to pitch Brad. We had concept art, and it’s sort of how the Vanisher cameo came to life. Because I think he entertained it for a bit and I know his schedules wouldn’t allow it to happen, so he came and did the cameo for fun.

Nevertheless, the blink-and-you-miss cameo was entertaining as the fans saw a glimpse of the actor when the X-Force were landing and everything went bad as all of the members were having fatal accidents and Vanisher was electrocuted when he touched one of the power cables.


Deadpool 2 can be streamed on Disney+ and IF is currently in theatres near you.


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