Indie Horror Movies Like Insiduous Who Overstayed Their Welcome


After getting it right the first time, filmmakers sometimes, start believing they can recreate the magic. But more often than not it does not happen. We can rarely name a few sequels that are just as good as the very first film of the franchise. Especially in the horror genre. Horror movies are one of the biggest sequel makers in Hollywood. Most indie horror movies do well when the first movie comes out and are widely loved. But slowly with every sequel, they start losing their charm. Their feats start becoming old and the audience gets too used to them. Here are a few indie horror movies that overstayed their welcome.

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre overstayed its welcome

Texas Chainsaw Massacre indie horror movies that overstayed their welcome
Texas Chainsaw Massacre

We cannot agree more with the fact that the first film was in fact one of the scariest. It was something totally new even for the fans of the genre. This indie horror film was no less than a classic. But then came out its unnecessary sequel after 12 years. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 was very different from the previous one. It was violent but the fans were confused about what to make out of it. And the dark comedy added to the plot also seemed unnecessary. The sequel was proof enough that the movie has overstayed its welcome. Though it gained a cult following and made the Sawyer family a horror icon.


Evil Dead did not an indie horror film sequel

Evil Dead indie horror movies that overstayed their welcome
Evil Dead

One horror movie that did not need a sequel was Evil Dead. The first Evil Dead undoubtedly was a good movie and scary. But the sequel under the direction of Sam Raimi followed the exact same path. The director created the exact same film with the exact same plot, just with a bigger budget. The only difference between the two films is the budget. And to be honest, the charm of the first film was its lack of budget. But as Sam Raimi, who had more filmmaking experience, many consider Evil Dead II a good movie.

Halloween did not need a sequel

Halloween is an indie horror movies that overstayed its welcome

The 1978 Halloween, directed by John Carpenter made a lasting impression in the minds of Horror fans. In fact, it made them settle well with the slasher horror genre. But the film did not need a sequel. Also, they did not stop at the second part that continued the Michael Myers story, they introduced a third entry. The third film was way worse than its predecessor and nothing like the original film. And this entry had nothing to do with Michael Myers’s story. Instead, the movie was about some witches and curses and some references to Stonehenge. This indie horror movie definitely overstayed its welcome.


Paranormal Activity was good as a standalone

Paranormal Activity indie horror movies that overstayed their welcome
Paranormal Activity

The very first independent horror movie of the Paranormal Activity franchise was good. It was liked widely by the fans of the genre. But just like any other franchise on this list, they, too, overstayed their welcome. With every new sequel movie, the quality kept diminishing. One of the worst entries has to be the fourth film. It is the movie where the franchise lost its way and followed its usual gimmicks. But lost its way through the plot. By the end of it, the viewers weren’t even sure what they watched.

Train to Busan was given an unnecessary sequel

Train to Busan is an indie horror movies that overstayed their welcome
Train to Busan

The first film, Train to Busan was a refreshing movie to watch based on the zombie apocalypse plotline. The movie is scary, and tragic and makes you feel a myriad of emotions throughout its runtime. But the one thing the film did not need was a sequel. The sequel, Penninsula, had nothing to do with the previous film but somehow felt like an unnecessary add-on to the original. The second film did try to create similar emotions but failed.


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