Interesting MCU Facts About Tony and Peter You Didn’t Notice

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is more than just superheroes and supervillains. It draws its inspiration from Marvel Comics but also comprises deeper aspects of life that fans relate to. To some, MCU could be the face of friendship and to others, it could depict family bonds. Similarly, Tony Stark and Peter Parker’s bond that evolved from mentor to father-son had captured millions of hearts. Among all the duos in the franchise, that of Iron Man and Spider-Man is one of the most beloved. After the heartbreaking events of “Endgame”, some fans revisited this bond and pointed out certain obscure details. Find out the interesting MCU facts about Tony and Peter that you didn’t notice.


Tony’s Inspiration For Time Travel

Right before inventing time travel in “Endgame”, Tony said, “I’ve got a mild inspiration…So, I’d like to run one last sim…. This time in the shape of a Morbius strip… inverted, please”. He got the “inspiration” to make it “inverted” from a picture of him and Peter holding an inverted certificate.


Iron Monger and Mysterio

On noticing carefully, we’ll find parallels between Tony and Peter’s life while growing up and dealing with loss. Both Obadiah Stane and Quentin Beck played similar roles in the two men’s lives. Obadiah emerged as a mentor to Tony when he lost his father and similarly, Quentin appeared when Peter was dealing with his father-figure’s death. In the end, both these mentors turned out to be villains trying to kill and replace them.

Following RDJ and Tony’s Footsteps


Any Iron Man fan could have spotted the resemblance between the scenes featuring Tony and Peter playing with tech. To highlight the father-son bond between the two characters, Tom Holland revisited this scene from Iron Man 1 and created a mirroring moment in “Far From Home”.

Peter’s Room

Did you notice the huge transformation in Peter’s bedroom? Back in “Captain America: Civil War”, the teen didn’t possess much of an appealing room. It had a single bed, a messy desk, and no wardrobe. But the room got an upgrade in every movie that followed. His ordinary single bed and desk got replaced by a fancy bunk bed and sleek desk. He even got a well-designed cupboard for his clothes. There is no way that Aunt May could have suddenly afforded all the renovations in a New York apartment. It needs no head-scratching that Tony Stark got all that stuff for his son-like mentee.


Tony’s Death After Meeting Peter

Many Marvel fans have pointed out the eerie connection between the characters in Peter’s life and their fate. Since there was no Uncle Ben for Parker in MCU “Spider-Man” universe, Tony Stark was portrayed as his guardian figure. Iron Man had been through countless deadly situations and got out of it with a few scratches, until “Endgame”. In a way, he didn’t die until he was established as Peter’s father-like figure. Some call it the Parker curse.

Tony Pays Attention To Peter


It’s less likely for Tony to hear a word that you say amidst all the brilliant ideas that run inside his head. After all, he is a billionaire and an Avenger who deals with Gods and aliens. But when the 14-yr old friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man left his voice note, Tony paid attention to every detail. Lucky Peter! You can’t catch Tony expressing his feelings openly and verbally. But his actions will say a lot about them. In “Homecoming”, he referred to the lady who brought Peter churro while advising him to not chase Vulture. It indicated that Tony listened to all his voice messages carefully.

Difference Between Karen and JARVIS

The brilliant Stark created JARVIS and FRIDAY with a sarcastic attitude to challenge his witty standards and to have fun while working. On the other hand, he purposefully gave KAREN a wise, soft, and encouraging persona for young Peter.


They Watched Each Other Die

Both Tony and Peter have been in the same place by watching each other die right in front of them. In “Infinity War”, watching his protégé disappearing into dust had almost broken Tony. After five years, Peter went through the same trauma when his mentor took his last breath.

Peter Sending Nick Fury to Voicemail


Here is another incident that projects young Spidey as a reflection of his mentor in this scene. Who would dare to send Nick Fury to voicemail? Only Tony had the guts to take this formidable man lightly. But Peter Parker had proved that he too carried the same Tony Stark swag.

When Tony Said “I Lost the Kid”

Tony telling Steve “I lost the kid” felt raw and strongly emotional. The man who rarely expressed his emotions was in tears when he landed home without Peter. It felt like Tony was about to cry any moment when he realized that he had left the kid behind.


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