Invincible: 12 Actors & The Characters They Could Play In a Live-Action Movie


With the massive success of the Amazon original series Invincible, fans are clamoring for a live action remake. Should it ever happen, these are the actors we want in the Invincible Live Action movie.

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Mark Grayson – Ryan Potter

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The titular character of the series is of mixed race. Mark Grayson’s mother is Asian American. So don’t start blowing horns. Ryan Potter is best known for voicing Hiro Hamada in Big Hero 6. He may not be a widely well-known actor but he has the skills and the look to pull this off. Mark Grayson starts out as a teenager, which just so happens to be the age bracket of Potter.

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Omni-Man – Joe Manganiello

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People might be furious as to why we did not pick Javier Bardem or John Hamm for the role. while both are terrific actors, playing Omni-Man requires an actor who is a seasoned veteran in playing the mysterious, violent vigilante. Joe Manganiello has the experience and the acting chops to play Omni-Man. He has already played a comic book character – Deathstroke. And who else do you think could pull off the role of a Family Man with the body of a Greek God?


Deborah Grayson – Lucy Liu

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Lucy Liu is a seasoned actor in the film industry. Deborah Grayson is not actually portrayed as a character of Asian descent in the first seven issues. But the fans have seen her as such. Considering an Asian-American actor voices her in the series and Mark is also considered to have Asian ancestry, Lucy Liu is the perfect choice. She is known to play powerful female characters on screen like Watson in Elementary and her role in Charlie’s Angels.


Atom Eve – Katherine Langford

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It was a close call between Bella Thorne, Emma Stone, and Katherine Langford. Emma was too old to play Atom Eve. Between Bella Thorne and Katherine Langford, we believe the latter is a better choice. Her roles in 13 Reasons Why and Cursed have shown she plays charactersgoing through internal conflict really well.


Allen the Alien – Alan Tudyk

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There were some fan circles that said the best choice for an actor to portray Allen the Alien is seth Rogen. But we believe it is Alan Tudyk. Allen the Alien, in the Invincible Universe, is the last of his race, genetically designed to fight the mighty Viltrumites. he is smart, funny, clueless, and innocent as a bee at times. Alan Tudyk would require some CGI to buff up his musculature though. But the eccentricities of the character could not be played better by anyone other than Tudyk.


Mauler Twins – Terry Crews

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The Mauler Twins are one of the first villains Invincible fought and defeated. ironically they are not actually twins. They are clones. But it is hard to find out which one is the clone so they always bicker amongst themselves as to who came first. The Twins wield some heavy scientific knowledge. Terry Crews could play both the Mauler Twins in a live action series. he has the phsycique and the comic timing to create the perfect Mauler Twins impression.


Amber & William – Zendaya & Cameron Monaghan

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They may be side characters but they still play a major role in the character development of Invincible as a superhero. Amber is Mark’s first girlfriend who ends up breaking up with him when she finds out Mark is keeping secrets from her. William is Mark’s best friend. He is also gay. Cameron Monaghan of Gotham comes to mind.


Cecil Stedman – Walton Goggins

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Cecil Stadman is like the Nick Fury of the Invincible Universe. His job is to keep things together. Like Nick Fury is the Director of SHIELD, Cecil Stedman heads the Global defense Agency. He is also the guy the Guardians of the Globe and Omni-Man answer to. Walton Goggins actually voices the character in the series. He even looks the part. It is only natural he takes up the live action role of the character as well.


Thragg – The Rock

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Thragg is the Supreme Ruler of the Viltrumite Empire. He is the most powerful Viltrumite to ever exist. No one in the known universe, not even Omni-Man, could defeat Thragg in his absolute prime. He is also the big bad wolf of the Invincible Universe. A character of such stature should only be played by an actor of equal caliber. The Rock, who also plays a character with a similar set of powers in the DCEU – Black Adam, would be perfect to portray Thragg.


Rex Splode & Dupli-Kate – Tyler Posey & Awkwafina

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Rex Splode is of Latinx descent. A brash and arrogant man, Rex was experimented on by his country as a child. He would later gain the ability to charge inorganic matter with explosive energy.  Tyler Posey of Teen wolf fame, who boasts of a Latinx heritage, is our choice for Rex Splode. Awkwafina has recently made her presence felt in many Blockbuster movies like Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle and Shang-Chi. She fits into the roel of Dupli-Kate, a girl with the ability to create multiple clones of herself.


Robot & Monster Girl – Paul Bettany & Millie Bobbie Brown

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Robot is basically going to be a voice actor since the android has to be brought to life using CGI. An actor who has already lent his voice for an A.I in another comic book inspired movie universe would be a perfect choice. Paul Bettany voiced JARVIS and then Vision in the MCU. He can nail the role of robot. The girl full of sass and wit, Monster Girl has the power to turn into a literal monster. But every time she turns, her human form grows a bit younger. That’s her curse. Millie Bobbie Brown is young enough to portray Monster Girl in this movie.


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The Immortal – Jeffrey Dean Morgan

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The Immortal is based on a DC Comics character named Vandal Savage. Like Savage, the Immortal was once a man who loved in pre-historic times. A mysterious event made him immortal and gave him super powers. The Immortal has been a part of almost all major events of human history. He also  leads the Guardians of the Globe. After Omni-Man murders the team, the Immortal returns to life and goes full berserk. Our pick is Jeffrey Dean Morgan. If his role in The Walking Dead as Negan is any indication, he could play deranged characters pretty well.


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