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Invincible Episode 2 Goes Darker Than ‘The Boys’ With a Reality Check Despite Show’s Noblest Intentions

Atom Eve's arc in the recent episode of Invincible explores a theme similar to The Boys, providing a reality check to the viewers in a harsh manner

invincible episode 2 goes darker than ‘the boys’ with a reality check despite show’s noblest intentions


  • Invincible season 2 is out and the series, being true to the comic book, showcases its gory themes
  • Despite not being a dark take on Superheroes like The Boys, the series is more grounded and does give a reality check
  • Atom Eve's acr shows what real amount of damage Superheroes can cause, if not properly monitored

Season 2 of Invincible has now arrived. It consists of a total of 8 episodes, in which the first four will be released this November. While the other four will be released in 2024. Now, with this, the new episode of the second season has also come out. It featured a disturbing narrative with Atom Eve’s arc that might shock many of its viewers.

Mark Grayson in Invincible series
Mark Grayson in the Invincible series

Outside of Marvel and DC, The Boys is considered a dark comedy in the superhero genre. But the new episode of Invincible 2 showcased even a grittier and darker take on superheroes compared to The Boys.

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Invincible Season 2 is Darker than The Boys

The Boys
A scene from The Boys

The recent episode of Invincible Season 2 revealed a harsh truth about superheroes. The point here to note is that Invincible isn’t a parody of the superhero genre, just like Amazon Prime Video’s other superhero series, The Boys.

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It offers a more realistic perspective of the superhero genre, which emphasizes the societal issues associated with a world filled with superheroes. Recently, Atom Eve’s arc in the series highlighted the same. It showed how bad things could go if superheroes had actually existed in the real world.

There’s no doubt that Atom Eve is important to Invincible, but her character took a different turn in this season. Through her character, the season explored the superhero’s arrogance and the consequences of acting without oversight.

Because in these franchises (Marvel and DC), superheroes dabble into the areas they have no experience in – to save lives. And both the franchises consider it a noble thing. But it can cause more harm than good (if viewed from a realistic perspective).


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Invincible Season 2 Goes Darker with Atom Eve’s Character Exploration

Atom Eve in Invincible season 2
Atom Eve in Invincible Season 2

As is already said, Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker’s comic series of the same name is one of the most realistic superhero comics. It is also an extremely gory and brutally violent series. Although the show has noble intentions, it is more realistic which makes sense.

The recent episode of Season 2 of Invincible gives a brutal reality check to the idea that superheroes in real life would cause more problems than they can actually solve.

The episode also shows how there is a need for substantial government infrastructure to regulate the actions of superheroes. Such oversight is necessary to prevent the unintended damage that could result from superheroes acting without proper guidance.

Season 2 of Invincible is available on Prime Video.

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