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How Invincible Got Trapped in the Marvel Universe

In a battle against Angstrom Levy, a dimension hopper, Invincible teams up with some familiar faces from the Marvel universe. In this post, we will tell you how Invincible got trapped in the Marvel Universe.

Invincible is probably one of the most powerful and loved superheroes outside of the DC or Marvel universe, but that did not stop the creators from giving him a quick tour of the iconic Marvel universe. Invincible is the life story of Mark Grayson written by Robert Kirkman. Fans believe that the story lies somewhere in the middle of a love letter to superhero comics and a critique of them. The series did start out as a common superhero fare; however, it turned out to become something that the fans did not expect. Although the TV show definitely shocked the viewers with its first pilot episode, Omni-Man reveal, the comics are a lot more brutal.

Who is Invincible?

How Invincible Got Trapped in the Marvel Universe
Mark Grayson is a teenage superhero who had a normal teenage life, with high school, part-time jobs, and a normal life. However, his father, Nolan, was the Omni Man, the most powerful superhero on the planet. When Mark turns 17, he started to show powers of his own which came from the fact that his father was of the Viltrumite race. The Viltrumite race, according to Nolan, were the pioneer of the galaxy on a mission to spread benevolence and enlightenment. Invincible starts working with his father, Nolan as his mentor and meets other heroes such as Robot, Dupli-Kate, Atom Eve, etc.

Invincible is all about breaking troupes, but that does not mean that the writers don’t have some up their sleeves. Among them is the Mark Rogues Gallery. Like Batman and Spider-Man, the invincible man has a long lineup of several villains that range from silly villains like Doc Seismic to stronger, terrifying villains like The Battle Beast. Some of the most terrible fights of Invincible saw the young hero face down, imposing physical threats like his father, the Omni-Man. In one of these aforementioned battles, he is pitted against an enemy who, though is not as physically threatening, is just more dangerous. His name is Angstrom Levy, and some believe that he is the worst villain of Invincible.

How did Invincible reach the Marvel alternate universe?

How Invincible Got Trapped in the Marvel Universe
The villain Angstrom Levy is a mad scientist who has a nasty grudge against Invincible. Levy has the ability to hop between dimensions, and in Invincible number 32, he attacks the Grayson House and takes Marks mother, Debby, hostage. He then sends Invincible through a gauntlet of hostile dimensions to weaken him, and one of these dimensions is awfully similar and familiar to Marvel comic book fans. Mark is teleported in the middle of the battle between Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus in the pages of Marvel Team-Up number 14 by writers Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker. Before Mark gets back home to finish his battle with Levy and save his mother, he spends some time in this dimension. He helps Peter defeat Doctor Octopus and bonds with Peter, and even meets The Avengers.

Marks interactions with the Avengers:

How Invincible Got Trapped in the Marvel UniverseThe interactions between Invincible and the Avengers are hilarious and a delight for comic fans. Firstly, Mark thinks that the name Spider-Man is a dumb name. And so lets Peter know to his face what he thinks. He then goes on to cry about how tough being Invincible really is. During the war with Doctor Octopus, Mark efficiently and quickly took down the villain. And this is a funny moment that goes to show exactly how strong Invincible Man really is.

Something that really stands out during this scene is what a good rapport Spider-Man and Mark have. Maybe due to their proximity of age. It is definitely a clever and sweet dynamic and shows the best of both of these characters. In their time together, Peter acts as a mentor for Mark. Which makes sense considering Peter went through the same thing as Mark, becoming a superhero at a young age. It is a shame that we did not get a full mini-series for this great pair. Like some other of Spider Man’s team-ups.

As any great story does, Mark’s little detour to the iconic Marvel universe will leave fans wanting more. It raises so many great questions and we can not wait to have the answers. Like who would win if The Hulk and Invincible were to go toe to toe? Would The Omni-Man and J. Jonah Jameson freak out when they realize that they both have the same exact voice? Most importantly, do the events of Invincible number 14 imply that Invincible lives in the Marvel multiverse? We can not wait for the answers. And hope that Mark becomes a recurring member of the universe we have grown to love.

Written by FandomWire Staff