Is Captain Carter a Better Leader Than Captain America

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The Marvel animated series What If…? presented fans with endless possibilities. It took them across the multiverse to present possibilities that never occurred to them before. One of them, or the very first one, was that Peggy Carter is the one who gets the super-soldier serum. As Steve Rogers is injured and someone needs to take his place. Peggy Carter became the first avenger and called herself Captain Carter. She, then, goes on to defeat HYDRA and Red Skull. Now that Marvel has presented us with another version of Captain America, it is inevitable that we compare the two. So let’s judge – whether Captain Carter is a better leader or we should stick with Captain America.


Captain America – The leader of the Avengers

Captain America is better leader than Captain Carter
Captain America

In the MCU, Captain America is always presented as the leader of the Avengers. The superhero was created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon. Appearing for the first time in Captain America Comics #1, cover-dated March 1941. Captain America has been the leader of the Avengers ever since he woke from his 80-year-long sleep, frozen in the ice. And why not? He has all the skills needed as a leader of the team of the greatest superheroes on Earth.

Apart from being super strong, he is also a great tactician. With his tactical skills, he has managed to fight against the strongest of villains. Also, he strategizes quickly and comes up with the best plan possible to beat an enemy. Plus, he is everyone’s hero. Everyone admires Captain America as he is a man of virtues and when he talks, people listen. He knows how to handle a team as strong as the Avengers, with members like Iron Man and Hulk in it.


Captain Carter – The one who can beat Captain America

Captain Carter can beat Captain America as the leader
Captain Carter

First introduced to the fans through the show, What If…?, Captain Carter has convinced the fans that she can beat Captain America. She has a similar origin story as Captain America. In an alternate reality, Peggy Carter replaces Steve Rogers and becomes the subject of the Super-Soldier experiment. Howard Stark injects her with the serum as Steve Rogers gets injured due to a HYDRA agent attacking the lab.

Now, Captain Carter faces a lot of trouble convincing people that she can be a super-soldier as she is a woman. Yet, with her mad skills and great fighting technique, she becomes a superhero. She beats HYDRA, Red Skull, and even beats an inter-dimensional being Red Skull had summoned through a tesseract. Also, she knows how to solve problems and provide solutions.

Is Captain Carter a better leader than Captain America?

Captain Carter is a better leader than Captain America
Captain Carter is a better leader than Captain America

Though, MCU fans have seen Captain America as a leader for almost a decade now. But Captain Carter has many fans convinced that she can do a better job than him. One of the biggest reasons is that in her reality she convinced men that she can lead a mission. And led a team of soldiers on a rescue mission. Also, that was back in the 1940s, during World War II.


Also, she is more skilled than Captain America as she was a trained agent.  While Steve Rogers was a skinny boy from Brooklyn, Peggy Carter had received training to be an agent. Plus, she is more aggressive yet, the kind of leader the Avengers would’ve liked. She is not all about morals like Captain America and knows how to influence people. So, yes she is a better leader than Captain America.

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