Is Green Lantern Coming to Justice League? James Gunn Reportedly Cancels John Stewart’s Green Lantern Series For a ‘Bigger’ Lantern Project

Is Green Lantern Coming to Justice League? James Gunn Reportedly Cancels John Stewart's Green Lantern Series For a 'Bigger' Lantern Project
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Following the controversial shakeup that recently unraveled at DC Studios, James Gunn has apparently made yet another major decision with regard to the DCU.


According to new reports, the co-CEO of DC has allegedly scrapped John Stewart’s Green Lantern series at the moment. Rumor has it that he has a much better vision for this character and the project which he is planning on executing in the foreseeable future, only not in the form of a television series. And for once, the DC fandom seems to be fully supportive of this alleged decision.

John Stewart's Green Lantern
John Stewart’s Green Lantern

However, The Suicide Squad filmmaker has himself not confirmed any of it. But given his penchant for change and reorganization, it wouldn’t be the most shocking thing to learn that these rumors were indeed true.


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James Gunn is Allegedly Ditching the Green Lantern Series

Green Lantern has been in development as a television series since late 2019 with Seth Grahame-Smith on board as the creator and writer. But due to what was denoted as a “creative haul” at the time, the 46-year-old filmmaker separated his name from the project. What’s more, as per the THR, Grahame-Smith had apparently already finished writing the scripts for an entire season comprising eight episodes when he quit.

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The HBO Max series on John Stewart's Green Lantern is rumored to be discarded
The TV series on John Stewart’s Green Lantern is rumored to be discarded

As a result of the showrunner’s departure, the Green Lantern series was then announced to have shifted its focus from Guy Gardner and Alan Scott to John Stewart. But in a possible series of plot twists (yet again), sources claim that the entire project is being scrapped altogether. According to the popular insider Daniel Richtman, James Gunn has canceled HBO Max’s Green Lantern series because he has “bigger plans for the Lanterns.” 

While these rumors are presently unaccounted for, one can never tell what new idea Gunn is concocting at DC Studios. So it is very much possible that the DC chief has something else planned for John Stewart’s Green Lantern. Maybe he’ll turn the show into a film instead. Who knows, maybe he’ll even go ahead and incorporate the character in the Justice League. The world is the oyster for all of Gunn’s manifold ideas and visions.

What Could James Gunn be Planning for John Stewart’s Green Lantern?

John Stewart is one of the very first Black superheroes to have been introduced to DC. A member of the Green Lantern Corps, he is the third Green Lantern from Earth after Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner. With a prolific history and unmatched superpowers, John Stewart is one of the most powerful DC superheroes.


In light of the recent rumors as per which Gunn is scrapping John Stewart’s HBO Max series, fans suspect that he might be looking forward to developing it into a movie instead. It is worth noting that Gunn has also mentioned before that Green Lantern is going to be a rather valuable part of the DCU that he and Peter Safran are in the process of building.

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Wayne T. Carr almost played Green Lantern in the Snyder Cut
Wayne T. Carr almost played Green Lantern in the Snyder Cut

Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021) almost featured Wayne T. Carr as John Stewart but because Warner Bros. changed the course of the ship, fans never got to see Green Lantern share the screen with the Justice League. So if the speculation about Gunn having something big in store for the Lanterns holds any veracity, then who knows, maybe the audience will finally get to see Green Lantern alongside the formidable team of superheroes sooner than later.


Putting the rumors of cancellation aside, the Green Lantern series is said to be released on HBO Max in 2024.

Source: Home of DCU via Twitter


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