“Is it worth it at the end of the day?”: Julia Fox Claims Amber Heard Trial Convinced Her Not To Pursue Case Against Abuser in Horrifying Incident

Julia Fox Claims Amber Heard Trial Convinced Her Not To Pursue Case Against Abuser in Horrifying Incident
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Writing her mémoire Down the Drain with a motive to share her life’s experience, Julia Fox stunned her fans and readers as The Guardian revealed a few extracts, prior to her book launch. In a particular part of her mémoire, the Italian-American actress threw light upon her s*xual abuse incident and discussed her journey and decisions surrounding it. 

Julia Fox
Julia Fox

Recalling how she was s*xually abused while being drunk and blacked out, Julia Fox claimed she wanted to pursue a case against the perpetrator. However, drawing haunting memories from Amber Heard’s trial that shattered the Aquaman actress’ reputation, Fox mentioned what stopped her from taking action against her abuser. 

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Julia Fox Recalls a Terrifying S*xual Abuse in Her Mémoire 

Writing about the phases of her life, the 33-year-old Italian-American actress Julia Fox came up with her mémoire Down the Drain. Expected to release on 10th October 2023, Fox’s upcoming mémoire consists of different periods of her life as a runaway, an artist, and a dominatrix. It further talks about her overdoses, abusive relationships, and even s*xual assault. 

Julia Fox
Julia Fox came up with her memoir Down the Drain

As extracted by The Guardian, a particular part of her mémoire deals with the incident where she went to meet a “billionaire with a private jet” and ended up getting s*xually abused. As shared by Julia Fox in her mémoire, she received an exciting message from her friend Liana, to meet up with a billionaire who wanted “to take us to Art Basel in a few days!”. 

julia fox
Fox recalled a terrifying s-xual assault in her memoir

But unfortunately, as they boarded the private jet with an “intoxicated rich guy”, and his friend, Julia Fox, and her friend were offered Champagne which led her to black out and wake up naked in bed alongside the billionaire.


Horrified of what might have happened, Fox left her room and went to her friend’s Airbnb. Although the actress was initially excited about meeting the billionaire, she ended up referring to it as “the date r*pe on the private jet”. 

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Amber Heard’s Trial Convinced Julia Fox To Not Pursue Lawsuit 

Julia Fox revealed in her mémoire how she assumes that she might have been drugged and s*xually abused by the billionaire. However, while revisiting the memory for writing her memoir, Fox stated the incident was “something I had really tried to pretend didn’t happen”. Without solid proof of what might have happened, Fox mentioned feeling hesitant about going to the police. 


If something happened like that I would definitely take the appropriate action. 100%.” 

Julia Fox
Julia Fox didn’t file complaint against her abuser

But since she didn’t have any absolute proof, Julia Fox refrained from taking any legal action. Further, she also discussed in her mémoire what actually convinced her to not pursue a case against her abuser. Throwing light upon Amber Heard‘s trial against Johnny Depp, the actress claimed that she didn’t want to be misjudged by the world like Heard. 

Julia Fox
Amber Heard’s trial convinced Fox to not pursue case against her abuser

I don’t know if I would. And then go to battle, have years of my life taken away, and have to relive it? We’ve literally seen what happens, with Amber Heard. It’s like: is it worth it at the end of the day?” 

Thus, entrusting her faith in Karma, Julia Fox avoided launching a police complaint or even a lawsuit against the billionaire who might have actually abused her. 

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