“It became this strange obsession for me”: Kentarou Miura’s Reason Behind Guts-Griffith Rivalry is as Toxic as They Come

In Kentarou Miura's case, toxicity is good.

"It became this strange obsession for me": Kentarou Miura's Reason Behind Guts-Griffith Rivalry is as Toxic as They Come


  • Berserk has one of the most iconic rivalry in Guts vs. Griffith, and it happened due to Kentarou Miura's obsession with drawing.
  • Unlike his friends, Kentarou Miura was only good at drawing and soon turned it into an obsession, which made him more like his friends who like to show off.
  • Kentarou Miura has dreamed of becoming a mangaka, and his obsession painted a clear path for him to create one of the greatest manga of all time.
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Kentarou Miura was responsible for creating one of the greatest manga ever. Berserk’s popularity has always been on the rise since it began its serialization. Even though Kentarou Miura has passed away, leaving an unfinished story, he still gave the fans what they wanted. Currently, his friend, Kouji Mori, is in charge of creating the manga and published volume 42.


Guts and Griffith are the protagonists and antagonists of Berserk, and Miura sensei might have been influenced by his past experiences to give birth to such an iconic rivalry. During an interview, he mentioned his obsession, and it showed that he can be pretty competitive, just the way his characters are. His obsession led to the creation of a masterpiece in the Seinen genre.

Kentarou Miura’s One Good Quality Turned Into Obsession

Guts in Berserk
Guts (Credit: Dark Horse)

Kentarou Miura was always praised for his magnum opus, especially for two things – plot and drawings. Even though the former got getting as the story progressed, the latter was something that he was always good at. He got obsessed with it since drawing was the only thing he was good at. During an interview with Yukari Fujimoto in 2000, he revealed how drawing became an obsession for him.


Kentarou Miura said,

“The other group members’ love troubles and fights – was really new to me. Also, there’s the fact that people who go into fine arts tend to be people with big egos who all have something that they’re particularly good at, and so with these other guys showing off what they’re good at, I wanted to find what I could do. Drawing, I decided, was my only option. The only way I could keep on equal footing with these guys was to make my mark as a manga artist. It became this strange obsession for me.”

griffith turns into femto (anime berserk)
Griffith (Credit: Nippon TV)

It is pretty fascinating to think that Berserk was born from Miura sensei wanting it to show off his drawing skills. He was not good at fights nor great at making girlfriends, but always wanted to show off like his friends. So, he rediscovered himself through drawing. He wanted to be different, but in the end, he turned out like the boys who wanted to show off their girlfriends and fighting abilities. In his case, it was drawing.

Berserk’s Rivalry Was Influenced From The Its Creator

Berserk initially started as a friendship between Guts and Griffith. But it soon turned into a bitter rivalry, with the latter going as far as to join hands with the God Hand and become Femto. He r*ped his former friend’s girlfriend, Casca, in front of her. It started one of the greatest rivalries in anime history. The rivalry soon turned into an obsession and took a toxic turn.

berserk - kentarou miura
Berserk (Credit: Nippon TV)

It is pretty much similar to Berserk’s creator. Kentarou Miura did not opt for fine arts due to his love for drawing. He chose the stream to become like his friends. It was the only thing he was good at and likewise made it into an obsession. Kentarou Miura’s obsession took a toxic turn in an attempt to show that he too, belonged to the group of his toxic friends.

Thankfully, the toxicity did not have any negative effects on the mangaka. Instead, it helped create one of the greatest manga ever. Berserk began in 1989 and is still going on. Guts is still trying to avenge his girlfriend, and fans are hoping that he reaches his goal sometime in the future. Fans believe if he can replicate his creator’s obsession, then it might happen pretty soon.     

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