“It embodied what the cinematic experience could be”: Deadpool Director Tim Miller’s Favorite 2023 Movie isn’t Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Tim Miller enjoyed Dune for its visual spectacle and cinematic experience.

Deadpool Director Tim Miller's Favorite 2023 Movie isn't Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3


  • Tim Miller chose Dune as his favorite recent movie over Marvel films like Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • He appreciated the cinematic experience of watching Dune on the big screen.
  • Miller believes Marvel and DC should expand to other genres beyond just superhero films.
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Tim Miller has been regarded as one of the finest filmmakers connected with the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever since his fabulous directing skills were portrayed in the first part of the Deadpool film series. Considering his love for dark humor, fans might expect his favorite movie to be Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 from Marvel.

Tim Miller
Tim Miller

However, that’s not the case as Miller has entirely different plans about the most recent best movie in his eyes. Switching to a completely different genre from the dark comedy shown in his own Marvel film, the Deadpool director chose another science-conspiracy-fantasy-adventure fiction as his favorite instead: Dune.

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Tim Miller’s Most Recent Favorite Film Is Dune: Here’s Why

A still from Dune (2021)
A still from Dune (2021)

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Tim Miller recently appeared in an interview with Collider to share his love for comics and his view on comic-books-based film franchises. During this, he was asked a question that read:

“What is your favorite movie of 2023 and can you also name something about that movie that gives you hope for the future of this industry in filmmaking? A recent movie.”

Since the Deadpool filmmaker is one of those ‘hard to please’ guys, the question was changed to ‘a recent movie’ from ‘a movie of 2023’ instead. To this, Miller said:


“I’ll say Dune because I think it embodied what the cinematic experience could be. And I’ll be honest: I watched it on TV and in the theatre — four times — and it’s such a different experience to watch it in the theatre. And it’s such a beautiful movie that you can only appreciate it to the fullest extent on a giant screen. So that’s been my favorite movie for a while now.”

Although fans might have been expecting him to take the name of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 considering how it too holds a lot of dark comedy in it, Tim Miller chose the first part from the superhit Dune franchise instead.

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Tim Miller Shares His Views On Marvel And DC’s Future

Tim Miller on the sets of Deadpool (2016)
Tim Miller on the sets of Deadpool (2016)

Continuing in the interview, Tim Miller was then asked:


“What do you hope Marvel and DC do in the coming years? As a comic book fan, what would you like to see them do?”

His response was clear: both Marvel and DC need to expand to all the different genres if they wish to stay on top of the industry.

“I think it’s time to expand to the full breadth of [the franchise]. I would like to see them expand to other genres. Even if you’re a Marvel fan, there’s horror in the Marvel Universe. There’s other types of tropes, and… you know, Deadpool was the reason behind it, and I’m hoping – and I’m sure they will – that they just keep expanding the rationale.”

Miller then went on to share how Deadpool opened one of those doors for change for them.

“The brilliant thing that Fox discovered that allowed me to make the Deadpool movie was that we can make R-rated superhero movies and nobody else is doing that. And nobody else really thought they could do that. [So] Deadpool’s got lucky and opened up that genre, so then you could do it in other films. You could have a film like The Joker because suddenly everybody realized that you could have an R-rated movie.”

Perhaps it is time to bring about a change — for good — in both Marvel and DC by exploring all the other genres in the comic books to a greater extent.


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