“It isn’t happening for a very long time”: Marvel Studios Reportedly Not Interested in Introducing the X-Men Anytime Soon

Marvel Studios Reportedly Not Interested in Introducing the X-Men Anytime Soon
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The Marvel Studios has revealed a bunch of exciting details about its future at the D23 Expo. Starting from Werewolf by Night to Ant-Man 3 to Loki 2 and Ironheart, several updates released have intrigued the audience. But MCU stayed silent on one of the most anticipated projects, the Mutants. The fans eagerly wanted to see any update on their beloved X-Men but they were not even mentioned there. Now if the reports are to be believed, Marvel Studios is not interested to introduce them soon. 

No updates from Marvel Studios about X-Men
The D23 Expo didn’t give any update on X-Men Project

There was a wide range of rumors that the MCU would announce the castings of Fantastic 4 and many updates regarding X-Men and World War Hulk. But unfortunately, the updates were mainly centered around the projects already announced earlier.

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X-Men is very far right now

Marvel Studios is going to release a bandwagon of projects in the upcoming years. After the conclusion of Phase 4 with Wakanda Forever, the upcoming Phase 5 is tightly packed with projects leading to the climax of this vast Multiverse Saga in Phase 6. According to reports, MCU will not introduce the X-Men amid this jam-packed schedule. 

X-Men - Marvel Comics
X-Men – Marvel Comics

As per the words of Deadline’s Justin Kroll, even though a writer is being hired by the Marvel Studios, the movie’s still miles away. Reportedly the project will lack any update until we get close to the conclusion of Phase 6.


Although the chances are pretty tiny, X-Men may also belong to one of those projects in Phase 6 which haven’t been announced yet. Or we may also spot them at the end of Avengers: Secret Wars and they may turn out to pilot Phase 7.   

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Marvel Studios is setting up X-Men in small steps

Ms. Marvel finale reveals a X-Men tease
Ms. Marvel finale teased X-Men in the MCU

While many fans were disappointed by the lack of updates on X-Men, some pointed out that it was a wise decision. According to some theories, the MCU has already started to set up X-Men but is not interested to introduce such an important set piece amid this traffic of Multiverse Saga. More precisely, they will use these small tropes to establish them slowly until they get their own project. 


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We spotted a variant of Professor Xavier in Doctor Strange 2. The first major hint the Marvel Studios gave us was in Ms. Marvel. The season finale of Ms.Marvel introduced the term Mutant in the MCU. Now even if these are baby steps, the fans should remember that the MCU masters in establishing such small connections among various projects. 

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