‘It will be incredible, full stop’: Invincible Star Jason Mantzoukas Reveals Season 2 Will Exclude a Lot of Arcs But Will Still Be Iconic

Invincible Star Jason Mantzoukas Reveals Season 2 Will Exclude a Lot of Arcs
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Just a year and a half ago, Amazon Studios’ hugely successful adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s adult comic book Invincible had some scenes that became a primary subject of the internet’s meme culture. Omni-Man beating up his son ended up spawning a barrage of memes that showed many different interpretations of that format.


Being able to unintentionally tap into the internet’s meme culture was one of the many achievements that the show was able to garner from its fans, let alone its impressive critical and commercial performance. Its brilliance has only gifted Invincible its own dedicated fanbase with thousands of newcomers who demand a second season of the TV series, and Jason Mantzoukas promises it’ll be incredible.

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Jason Mantzoukas

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Rex Splode Voice Actor Jason Mantzoukas Teases Invincible Season Two

One of the more interesting characters in Amazon Studios’ Invincible is the Jason Mantzoukas-voiced character Rex Splode, a young but arrogant superhero who has developed into a much more mature character after Omni-Man’s betrayal in Season 1 of the animated TV series.

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Rex Sloan in Invincible

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And now, he’s teasing fans about the upcoming second season of the show. Invincible was pretty much confirmed for a second season shortly after its premiere in March last year, with an additional third season also getting the approval of Amazon Studios.


The 49-year-old actor recently spoke to Collider in which he had this to say about the second season of Invincible

“It will be incredible, full stop.”

Fans can take a wild guess and hope that they’re able to get much more information on the anticipated follow-up to the first season of the TV series. Because judging from just how much Mantzoukas has to say about it, it sounds like production hasn’t even started yet.

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Working On Invincible Is A Dream Come True For Jason Mantzoukas

Amazon has done a pretty good job hiring Jason Mantzoukas as a voice actor for the TV series. It’s not only because of how good he is at his job, but also because the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star was already a fan of Robert Kirkman‘s adult comic book even before it got the green light to be adapted into a TV show.

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Rex Sloan in Invincible

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Mantzoukas has now shown his appreciation for getting to voice a character in an animated adaptation of one of his most treasured comic books. During the very same interview with Collider, the Conception actor had this to say about his time working as the voice actor for Rex Sloan-


“I’m a lifelong comics fan. And so I’m somebody who read ‘Invincible’ from the early days it started coming out until it ended, whatever, 15 years later. This is a book that I digested over the course of 15 years. And this story is so familiar to me, and I love it.”

He also paints a bright future for the TV series, adding-

 “I think this is going to be a truly iconic show.”

If Invincible manages to once again turn the notch up in terms of the hype and popularity that season one generated, it’ll surely be making its way into the list of greatest animated TV shows of all time.

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