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“It’s Boston, after all”: Ben Affleck Unfazed by Massive Backlash for Dunkin’ Donuts Commercial at Super Bowl, Claims Customers Hate His Service Skills

“It’s Boston, after all”: Ben Affleck Unfazed by Massive Backlash for Dunkin’ Donuts Commercial at Super Bowl, Claims Customers Hate His Service Skills

Ben Affleck recently starred in a Dunkin’ Donuts commercial with his wife, Jennifer Lopez. The 30-second commercial features the Dawn of Justice star standing behind a drive-through window as he takes orders and surprises the coffee chain’s customers. His wife, Jennifer Lopez, who also has a cameo in the commercial, gets surprised to see her husband working at the quick service restaurant. And followed by its release at the 2023 Super Bowl, it seems like the Marry Me star was not the only one.

Ben Affleck in Dunkin' Donuts Commercial
Ben Affleck in Dunkin’ Donuts Commercial

The 50-year-old actor has received a massive backlash followed by the release of the commercial. While many loved seeing the Gone Girl star working at Dunkin Donuts, others did not enjoy it and shared their opinion on social media. And in his recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, Affleck responded to the backlash.

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Ben Affleck Responds to Dunkin’ Donuts Commercial Backlash

Ben Affleck has shared his love for Dunkin’ Donuts and has also been seen enjoying Dunkin’ coffee multiple times. The Town star has shared that the coffee chain has been a part of his childhood, and he enjoyed their “munchkins” and “coffee” after playing Little League.

Ben Affleck with Dunkin' Donuts coffee
Ben Affleck with Dunkin’ Donuts coffee

He added, “After the games, everybody would go to Dunkin’ and get munchkins, get coffee. It was like the thing that everybody did.” Therefore, it is not surprising that he received an offer to feature in a commercial for Dunkin’ Donuts.

However, many did not enjoy seeing the actor at Dunkin’ Donuts and shared their opinion on social media. And the Justice League star called it a “colorful” criticism while talking to The Wall Street Journal. He said that some customers were not so pleased with his “inept service” and may have shared their thoughts.

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck

“It’s Boston, after all, so we had some rather coarse and agitated people who were willing to voice their displeasure in a colorful way. 

The Accountant star seems unaffected by the backlash and even has ideas to use the reactions for the brand’s promotion. He said, “I’m still lobbying to include the most interesting of those in some of the edgiest social spots.” However, this would not be the only idea Ben Affleck suggested to promote the multinational coffee chain.

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Ben Affleck Suggested the Hidden Camera Style Commercial

Dunkin’ Donuts was planning to promote its “Dunkin’ Run” menu by collaborating with one of the stars who have been going viral for their regular visits to their outlets. The Chief Marketing Officer, Jill McVicar Nelson shared that they found Ben Affleck a perfect fit to promote their brand and approached him with an idea.

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck

The initial idea for the commercial was to feature The Sum of All Fears star in the Dunkin’ Donuts corporate boardroom. But Affleck suggested filming a scripted and an unscripted advertisement with his newly launched production company, Artists Equity.

The commercial was then directed by the Pearl Harbor star. And Dunkin’ Donuts decided to buy a slot for the national Super Bowl ad after they saw Affleck’s footage of working from the drive-through.

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Source: The Wall Street Journal

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