“It’s like tuning a Vespa to compete in F1”: Helldivers 2 is Performing the Impossible

The biggest complaint against Helldivers 2, the rampant server issues, may finally be a thing of the past now!

"It's like tuning a Vespa to compete in F1": Helldivers 2 is Performing the Impossible


  • Helldivers 2 on Steam has been facing severe server issues resulting in long wait times.
  • The backend engineers have worked tirelessly to increase server capacity by five times, and CEO of Arrowhead Games praised their efforts.
  • The newest patch has increased the server capacity to 700,000 concurrent players.
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Helldivers 2, easily one of the most popular live-service games in recent times, has had its fair share of ups and downs since its launch. The game became so popular that the servers were simply unable to keep up with the large number of players trying to access the game.


This led to a lot of bugs, extended wait times, and an overall less-than-stellar experience. However, Arrowhead Games has turned that around with the latest patch, and the CEO couldn’t be happier. He took to X to share his pride with the team working on this project.

Helldivers 2 CEO Gives Huge Shoutout to Dev Team

Jumping into a Helldivers 2 game should be much easier now.
Jumping into a Helldivers 2 game should be much easier now.

Johan Pilestadt, CEO of Arrowhead Games, has been quite vocal on X regarding Helldivers 2 and the issues it has been facing. On 21 February 2024, he took to the social media platform to share his appreciation for the backend engineers and their efforts in fixing the server issues plaguing the game.


He stated that the team comprises just four people, which is shockingly impressive by itself and has managed to 5x the max of what they designed in just a week. Server issues are no joke when it comes to live service games, so increasing the capacities by five times in less than a week is no small feat. With Pilestadt stating they are looking to go even further, one thing is for certain: these engineers deserve a bonus for sure!

Patch 1.000.11 was released on 22 February, upping the server capacity, fixing some crash issues, and adding the essential auto-kick functionality. This ensured that idle players who refused to log off so they didn’t have to wait in the queue again are kicked automatically after 15 minutes of remaining idle.

Patch 1.000.12 was released soon after and now Helldivers 2 servers can handle 700,000 concurrent players. This should ensure wait times and queues are much shorter, especially when dealing with the weekend rush of players. The engineers were not kidding when they said they were thinking of going beyond!


The Co-op PvE Shooter is Pulling Massive Numbers and Putting Other Games to Shame

The dev team of Democracy!
The dev team of Democracy!

The SteamDB numbers show that over the past 30 days, the Helldivers 2 concurrent player number peaked at 457,649. The game has been able to overtake the likes of Halo and Palworld, quickly climbing the Steam charts to become number one. However, despite the popularity of Steam, the same cannot be said for the game on PlayStation 5.

The Starship Troopers-inspired title is not available on Xbox, much to the chagrin of CEO Phil Spencer. It is also the first Sony-exclusive title to have a simultaneous release on PC and PS5. Sony games have been ported to the PC, but that’s only after many years.

With the devs nearly doubling the server load compared to the peak player numbers, jumping into a game in Helldivers 2 should be much easier from now on. There are some other technical issues such as bugs and glitches, but we’re sure they will be resolved in the upcoming patches.


Have you faced any issues accessing Helldivers 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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