“I’ve been going to gay bars”: James Bond Actor Daniel Craig Devised the Most Brilliant Way To Avoid Being Involved in Bar Brawls

James Bond Actor Daniel Craig Devised the Most Brilliant Way To Avoid Being Involved in Bar Brawls
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Famous James Bond star Daniel Craig opened up about his unusual approach to avoiding bar fights and navigating the sometimes rowdy nightlife atmosphere. The 53-year-old actor revealed his propensity for frequenting gay pubs on an episode of the podcast Lunch with Bruce as a method of avoiding the altercations and aggressiveness that might occasionally occur in straight places.

James Bond actor Daniel Craig
James Bond actor Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig’s Unconventional Nightlife Choices.

Daniel Craig‘s decision to frequent Gay pubs went back to his childhood when he wanted to reduce the likelihood of being involved in violent altercations, which he acknowledged were widespread in straight establishments. He said how the desire to enjoy a quiet night out led him to choose gay pubs as a safer option. He said on the podcast Lunch with Bruce

“I’ve been going to gay bars for as long as I can remember. One of the reasons: because I don’t get into fights in gay bars that often.”

Daniel Craig has been happily married to Rachel Weisz for over ten years, so while it may seem like an unusual option for a married guy, it gave him the chance to meet women when he was still single. He admitted that gay clubs provided a good setting for networking and socializing since they frequently drew women with similar goals.


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Daniel Craig and his wife
Daniel Craig and his wife

Daniel Craig’s Persistent Exploration of Masculinity and Sexuality.

Throughout his career, Craig has consistently questioned societal norms around sexuality and masculinity. To improve the working environment on set, he openly disclosed that he had shared kisses with his well-known male co-stars. This admission surely attracted media attention. His willingness to openly discuss such private stories reveals his persistent commitment to eradicating discrimination and fostering inclusivity.

The majority of LGBT community members’ replies to the actor’s podcast remarks were supportive, demonstrating broad support. However, a sizable section of the LGBTQ+ community acknowledged the significance of allies like Daniel Craig and the tremendous assistance they offer to the community. Some did express worries about Craig’s intention to meet women at gay pubs.


According to the Guardian, Craig and podcast presenter Bruce Bozzi were caught on camera hugging outside a gay club in Venice Beach, California, in 2010. This memorable encounter was a topic of honest conversation during Craig’s podcast interview. At the time, Craig’s sexual orientation was the subject of tabloid rumors. Both pals ignored the questions, highlighting the platonic character of their thoughtful act.

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Daniel Craig prefers going to gay bars-
Daniel Craig prefers going to gay bars.

Craig’s Ongoing Support for LGBTQ+ Causes.

Beyond his extraordinary achievements in the entertainment industry, such as being awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the incredible success of “No Time to Die,” Daniel Craig’s unwavering support for LGBTQ+ spaces and communities serves as a potent example of his persistent dedication to tearing down social barriers and promoting inclusivity and empathy.


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Source: The Guardian


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