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“I’ve been pushing for that for years”: Margot Robbie Wants Her Harley Quinn to Become Openly Gay Major Character in the DCU, Demands WB to Pair Her With Poison Ivy Instead of Jared Leto’s Joker

Margot Robbie Wants Her Harley Quinn to Become Openly Gay Major Character in the DCU

Margot Robbie has been taking on versatile roles throughout her career. From Naomi Lapaglia in The Wolf of the Wall Street to Queen Elizabeth I in Mary Queen of Scots, she has shown her potential as an actor. However, the Australian actress is quite popular for her portrayal of the DC character Harley Quinn. She made her DC debut in the 2016 Suicide Squad. Although the film failed to impress fans and critics, one of the things everyone liked about it was Robbie’s, Harley Quinn. She impressed everyone with her performance and went on to star in future DC films, including Birds of Prey and The Suicide Squad (2021).

Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie

There have been no recent updates about her return to the DCU. Lady Gaga is set to star as Harley Quinn in the upcoming sequel of the 2019 Joker. But the Suicide Squad star is not done with Harley Quinn yet, as she revealed there is so much she still wants to explore about the character.

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Margot Robbie Wants to Explore Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy’s Relationship

Unlike many characters, Harley Quinn first appeared in the eighth episode of Batman: The Animated Series. The character became even more popular after Margot Robbie’s portrayal of the character in the 2016 Suicide Squad. After starring in Birds of Prey, Robbie was asked if Harley Quinn is bisexual in the movie or if she would like to explore that in her future appearances.

The Amsterdam star said also wants to explore the live-action romance between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.“I have been pushing to do a film with Poison Ivy for a long time. She’s a character I love and I love the relationship between her and Harley in the comics,” Margot Robbie said.

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy
Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

The Barbie star then mentioned that she loved the friendship “Harley and Ivy” had and she loved their romantic relationship as well. “I’ll be keen to explore either version of a relationship with Poison Ivy on screen,” she added.

So far, the live-action adaptation of Harley Quinn has been mostly associated with her relationship with Joker. However, she has a special relationship with Poison Ivy in comics and animated series.

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What Does Margot Robbie Feel About Lady Gaga Taking Over as Harley Quinn?

After Margot Robbie, Lady Gaga will be portraying Harley Quinn in the upcoming sequel of the 2019 Joker. When the Birds of Prey star was asked how she feels about another actor taking over the role, she said, “It makes me so happy.”

Lady Gaga and Margot Robbie
Lady Gaga and Margot Robbie

I said from the very beginning that all I want is for Harley Quinn to be one of those characters, the way Macbeth or Batman, always gets passed from great actor to great actor,” she said.

The Focus star then mentioned that she is honored to build a foundation strong enough that Harley could be one of those characters who would be played by many actors. She also mentioned that she is sure Gaga would be incredible as Harley Quinn. There have been no updates regarding Robbie’s comeback as Harley Quinn.

Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga’s Joker 2 is set to release on 4 October 2024.

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Source: Comicbook

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