“I’ve had my fill”: End of an Era as ‘Let Me Solo Her’ Signals End of Making Malenia His Little B**ch after Beating Her More Than 7000 Times

It looks like the legendary 'Elden Ring' fan Let Me Solo Her would stop fighting Malenia for others once Shadow of the Erdtree launches.

“I’ve had my fill”: End of an Era as ‘Let Me Solo Her’ Signals End of Making Malenia His Little B**ch after Beating Her More Than 7000 Times


  • Malenia Blade of Miquella is one of the hardest bosses in 'Elden Ring'.
  • Let Me Solo Her has made it his job to help people struggling with Malenia defeat her.
  • He has been recognized by the publisher of 'Elden Ring' for defeating Malenia so many times.
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Soulslike games are popular for a lot of things: their interconnected world design, their incredible character designs, their awesome music, and their difficult bosses. Every single one of these things exists in the Elden Ring. Fans everywhere know how hard this game can get when fighting some of the bosses. But no boss, no matter how difficult, can match Malenia, Blade of Miquella.


She just swipes through the screen with her sword. Players do very little damage to her, all while she cuts through them like butter, healing herself in the process. And if there’s any boss worthy of calling in a cooperative partner, this is it, and there’s no better co-op partner than ‘Let Me Solo Her’ but he might be ready to hang his twin swords and that pot helmet now for ever.

‘Let Me Solo Her’ suggests retirement post-Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree launch

A still of Elden Ring showing Let Me Solo Her in his full glory

Elden Ring players around the world take the name ‘Let Me Solo Her’ very fondly. The guy has touched so many lives in a very different way. He controls a character clad in no armor but a pot as a helmet, and he is equipped with twin Katanas. One of them is the Rivers of Blood katana, while the other is the Cold Uchigatana, which means he does both blood damage and cold damage.


If one goes by his own words, then he has “probably defeated her about 6000–7000 times by now.” This is an insane achievement; she died in his hands more than anyone can even imagine killing this infamously difficult enemy.

The reason he is called ‘Let Me Solo Her’ is that after he is summoned, he actually lets the host players stand aside and goes about defeating Malenia all on his own. And he is glorious while doing the same. No doubt his skills are unmatched, and it is no surprise he has defeated her 6,000–7,000 times.

What’s even more insane is the fact that he once completed the game with a mod that turned every single enemy in the game into Malenia. That’s the kind of nightmare fuel no normal player would even want to look at, but then again, ‘Let Me Solo Her’ was never a normal player.

A still from Elden Ring showing Malenia

His achievements were not just recognized amongst the players of this popular game, but the publisher, Bandai Namco, was also closely observing what he did. And they recognized what he was doing by sending him a replica sword, a cloth scroll map, and a wooden plaque saying, “Congratulations on your great accomplishment.” This was done to celebrate when he had defeated her 1000 times.

But now, it appears his journey as the savior of the masses is at an end. He recently revealed that, with the release of the upcoming DLC Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, he might stop fighting Malenia after all. He says he would want to play the new DLC as he finds the trailer “spectacular.”

Well, it’s been an incredible journey for ‘Let Me Solo Her’ and whoever was in those battles with him. To see him in action. But it’s good to hear he is so excited about this new DLC; it’s like a stamp of approval from the master himself.


‘Let Me Solo Her’ cannot stop talking about Elden Ring DLC

A Still from Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

It looks like he has seen the trailer for Shadow of the Erdtree as many times as he has defeated Malenia, and he cannot bring himself to stop talking about it. He said in a recent interview, “Soulslike games have a history of their DLCs being the best part of the game, and I trust that Mr. Miyazaki will give us another masterpiece to enjoy.”

One cannot help but wonder if he will find a replacement for Malenia in this DLC. FromSoftware is famous for making their DLCs way harder than their original games. Maybe he would find a worthy challenge in Messmer this time around.


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