Jaden Smith Effortlessly Did One Thing That Made Will Smith Chicken Out in Fear for Taking Denzel Washington’s Advice 

Will Smith’s son, Jaden, has no qualms like his father and was recently seen locking lips with a man in The Get Down

Jaden Smith Effortlessly Did One Thing That Made Will Smith Chicken Out in Fear for Taking Denzel Washington's Advice 


  • Will Smith heeded counsel from Denzel Washington and refrained from filming a same-sex kissing scene
  • The actor, later in his career regretted the decision, blaming his decision on his immaturity.
  • Jaden, on the other hand, was seen embracing the LGBTQ+ culture in Netflix's The Get Down.
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Jaden Smith, famous for his fearless outlook on life, caused a sensation with an audacious act that even surprised his father, Will Smith. In a bold twist, the 25-year-old participated in a same-s*x smooch, something advised against by the renowned actor Denzel Washington.

Jaden smith
Jaden smith

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The 68-year-old had suggested Will Smith refrain from any gay kiss scenes in his films. This significant kiss not only demonstrated the actor’s determination to challenge norms but also left Smith in a state of uncertainty, highlighting the profound influence of a peer’s counsel.


Will Smith Backs Down In Fear Over Denzel Washington’s Advice

Young Will Smith
Young Will Smith

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In a surprising twist, the magnetic Hollywood figure, Will Smith, faced a pivotal moment influenced by none other than industry legend Denzel Washington.

The year was 1993, and Smith, in his breakthrough role in Six Degrees of Separation, was tasked with portraying a queer con man.


However, Smith’s refusal to film locking lips with another man on-screen, a decision born from the counsel of Denzel Washington. Washington’s warning was clear: such an act could jeopardize Smith’s burgeoning career as a leading man.

Consequently, the film’s final version showcases Smith’s character’s seduction of Anthony Michael Hall’s character, cleverly avoiding any lip-locking scenes. Nevertheless, Smith eventually came to terms with his earlier choice. In the interview with Entertainment Weekly, he confessed to his immaturity, admitting,

“I was thinking, How are my friends in Philly going to think about this? I wasn’t emotionally stable enough to artistically commit to that aspect of the film. In a movie with actors and a director and writer of this caliber, for me to be the one bringing something cheesy to it … was a valuable lesson for me. Either you do it or you don’t.”

The intriguing tale of Smith’s pivotal decision underscored the intricate nature of decision-making in the entertainment industry.


Fast forward to 2016, and another Smith, the artist’s son, found himself in a situation reminiscent of his father’s past.

Jaden Smith Smoothly Engaged In A Same-S*x Kiss In The Get Down

Jaden Smith
Jaden Smith

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In Netflix’s The Get Down, the rapper garnered attention for his seamless portrayal of a same-s*x kiss, creating a defining moment in the show.


In this captivating scene, set in Baz Luhrmann’s New York hip-hop origin series, his character, Dizzee, shares an intense gaze with another man on the pulsating dance floor.

The ambiance exudes an unapologetic embrace of the LGBTQ+ culture. A drag performer lip-synchs to a Christina Aguilera remix, as strobe lights illuminate the room, capturing various patrons immersed in revelry.

A daring voice from the crowd encourages the two young men to kiss, and they do, marking a triumphant moment for LGBT representation.


This milestone arrives over two decades after Six Degrees of Separation. It underscored the entertainment industry’s ongoing evolution, with actors like Jaden Smith breaking boundaries and challenging traditional norms.

The Get Down scene encapsulates the shifting landscape of film and television, where authenticity and inclusivity gather momentum, fostering more substantial conversations and broader acceptance.


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