James Bond: Every Country Visited By Daniel Craig’s Bond

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Bond movies excite us about plenty of things – from sophisticated action to mind-boggling suspense and adventures in dream locations. Whenever there’s a Bond film on the cards, it sparks a chain of speculation over the shooting location. Daniel Craig’s Bond kept up with the signature James Bond tradition of embarking on global adventures. We are taking you to a list of countries visited by Craig’s 007.



The breathtaking parkour chase in Casino Royale earned popularity for its own reasons. This memorable scene took place on a construction site in Madagascar.

The Bahamas

Following the Greek official, Alex Dimitrios had taken the 007 agent to the Bahamas. That’s where he also won the one and only Aston Martin DB5 that belonged to Dimitrios during a poker game.


Czech Republic

Revisiting the authenticity of typical spy thrillers, Casino Royale had its black and white opening scene in Prague. Bond earned his licence to kill at this moment by killing chief Dryden at the British Embassy.


Bond has been to the US on several occasions. In one of his chasing games to catch Dimitrios, Craig’s Bond had also travelled to Miami.



Owing to the stunning opening scenes of every Bond movie, Spectre began with Bond escaping a falling building and taking over a chopper in Mexico during Day of the Dead celebrations. 


The Skyfall climax took a surprising and rather different route from other Bond films as Silva and his men invaded Bond’s childhood home in Scotland.


Bond’s thrilling team up with Paloma, played by Ana de Armas, takes place in Cuba to invade Blofed’s party in No Time to Die.



The opening credits of No Time to Die had a time leap, showing Bond relishing a retired life at a dream home in Jamaica.


Remember the time when Bond followed the breadcrumbs left by Mr. White at a hotel in Tangier that eventually led him to a secret base in the Sahara Desert?


Silhouetted fight sequences are always hard to forget. Bond too enjoyed a visually stunning fight with an assassin in Skyfall when he was in China. 



One of his last adventures took him to Norway, where he visits Madeleine’s childhood home and meets his daughter. 


The villainous General Medrano showed up in Quantum of Solace when Bond followed Greene to Bolivia and ended up messing with the cops. 


In his pursuit of chasing the bad guy Greene, Bond had landed up in Bregenz, Austria, during the performance of Tosca. 



One of the most insane action sequences in Craig’s Bond franchise took place in the opening scenes of Skyfall. It happened in Istanbul, Turkey, in which back to back action scenes followed one another with a car chase, rooftop motorcycle, and jumping into the river from a bridge. 


Bond’s investigation in Quantum of Solace drove him to Haiti as he followed Dominic Greene’s hitman, Slate.


Daniel Craig’s Bond has been to Italy on more than one occasion. Every movie has taken him to different cities of the country that he cannot get enough of. It ranged from the finale of Casino Royale in Venice to Quantum of Solace and No Time to Die taking place in Siena and Matera, respectively.



Bond went to Montenegro when he was assigned to defeat Le Chiffre in poker at the Casino Royale so the villain would seek haven from the British government.


Written by Ipshita Barua

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